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Letters to the Editor: Nov. 1, 2022

Re-Print Ads from Early Days of ‘Numismatic News’

The 70th Anniversary issue [Oct. 11 issue of Numismatic News] was informative. After I read it, I was thinking it just might be a good idea for you to include, in future issues, some of the old advertisements from those days. Pick some of the better coin dealers from that era and include their ads in each future issue. You could title that section, “A Trip Down Memory Lane” or “Don’t You Wish?” Maybe devote one page in each future issue to that subject.

Your readers would love it. After they finished drooling, they’d realize just how much things have changed.

Jeff Danison Delaware, Ohio

Why Isn’t Queen Elizabeth Designated as the Second?

In regards to the design of the commemorative coins for Her Late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II: Why do the coins just have “Elizabeth Regina” on them, instead of “Elizabeth II Regina?” She was the second Queen Elizabeth, after all.

Just wondering, that’s all.

Charlotte McCluskey Address withheld