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Letters to the Editor: May 7, 2021

April 13 Viewpoint Has No Numismatic Value

This in response to the April 13, 2021, [Viewpoint], “The Greatest Threat to Our Hobby.” NN, this letter is intended for you.

This was the first issue of your publication I received after taking a hiatus due to the negative direction the publication had taken. I took advantage of a recent promotion. As the saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” The Viewpoint had nearly zero – and that’s being generous – numismatic value. It began innocently enough with a decent, but overplayed thesis, and quickly devolved into conspiracy theories and political ramblings. I laughed at the hypocrisy when the author wrote, “These days it seems almost everything is politicized.”

Until you get your act together and return to material of numismatic merit, my money will go to those publications that do – and they do exist. If you want to have an honest discussion about the greatest threat to our hobby, as a 33-year old with 20 years of hobby experience, I have a unique “millennial” perspective regarding the threats to the hobby but – enough is enough!

Jay Briscoe
Address withheld

Editor’s Note: We have reached out to Mr. Briscoe and invited him to submit a Viewpoint piece.

Roll Finds Prove Silver is Still Out There

Just wanted to share my story of a recent trip to a bank.

I got four rolls of halves and two of them were AU silver Franklins from the ’50s, VG-F.

The other roll had half 40 percent and the rest clads. Not bad!

Jerry Janiga
Redford, Mich.

Collecting is Possible without U.S. Mint

Horray! Bravo! Yippee! April 13’s issue had a letter from James Sibley that said the service at the Mint is terrible. He has had it with them and he will no longer buy anything from them or communicate with them. Finally a letter that makes sense. I have survived as a collector for over 50 years without the Mint. I believe others like Mr. Selbey can do it, too. E-n-j-o-y the hobby, people!

Frank Murphine, III
Millville, N.J.