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Letters to the Editor: March 16, 2021

Florida Club Show a Win for All Participating

The Ocala Coin Club ( held their 37th Annual Coin Show (no show in 2020) at the Holiday Inn & Suites Conference Center located in Ocala, Fla., on Feb. 4-6, 2021. In the lobby, the hotel always had coffee and tea available for visitors. This was only the second show we have attended since the NMS was held in early 2020 in Marietta, Ga. As you will read, we were very pleased and happy with this well organized and run convention.

A special thanks to Chairman Rich Selvar, Club President Mark Trout and the officers and members for providing a table for the American Numismatic Association (ANA, Unlike past conventions, we had a table right on the bourse floor which generated lots of traffic for us. We signed up or renewed 18 members for the Association with one converting to Life Membership.

Thanks to dealer John Bremer, from Clermont, Fla., for making a $25 501(c)(3) donation to ANA for the shipment of the coin show kit. For visitors who stopped by our table, we answered questions regarding numismatics and gave out elongates, wooden money and some paper related items along with other tokens and medals. For coin show registrants, the coin club gave out special elongates made for the show by Cindy Calhoun, along with wooden nickels. The club also had an hourly door prize drawing, and if you were a lucky recipient you won an American silver Eagle. In the rear of the room, the club had a table full of free literature and coin club publications. The coin show is always the place where the club tabulates 15 members of ANA so they can get the free dues instead of paying $75.

The sold-out bourse featured 72 dealers at 56 tables. Eleven Early Birds were also registered. Attendance was around 550 with many returning every day. Traffic was always steady for the three-day event. No admission was charged, and young collectors received free gifts. The dealers we talked to had excellent shows with most of them staying until the end of the show on Saturday. Security for the show was excellent and no problems were reported.

The club had over 25 members assisting at registration with some of them helping to set up and break down the show. Many of the dealers signed up for next year’s show before leaving for home, as they don’t want to be placed on a waiting list for a table. The club is a 50-plus year member of the ANA and is a member of the Florida United Numismatists (FUN, We look forward to next year’s Ocala Coin Club show, which will be held in this same location on Feb. 3-5, 2022. Thanks again.

John and Nancy Wilson
ANA National Volunteers

Under-appreciated Ike Dollar: Where Did They Go?

I appreciate the Eisenhower dollar obverse for its unburdened portrait and clean look with large fields; the eagle reverse is a burdened allegory, though. The Mint coined over 583 million of that series in just seven years. That is a mountain of metal, weighing in at 31.6 million pounds or 22.68 grams per coin. Where did all those coins go? Were they recycled or are they in a vault ? Thanks for the recent article on Eisenhower dollars, our most unloved large dollar.

Jack Nugent
Bisbee, Ariz.

State Quarter Omissions Spark Red Book Concern

In review of my purchase of the 6th Edition of Mega Red Book, I fail to see in the State Quarter listings any mention of “S” mintmark quarters. I, and I am sure others, have purchased rolls of circulation-strike “S”-mint quarters, yet the only listing is for proofs. I cannot understand this oversight by so many professionals making money with this lack of information. I wonder what else is missing, besides the many varieties of this series.

George Walter
Galesburg, Ill.

Superstitious $2 Article Interesting and Informative

The article “$2 Bill Steeped in Superstition” by Robert R. Van Ryzin really caught my attention. I enjoyed reading the article and was surprised by how unlucky the bill was deemed. I use $2 bills all the time for part of my tip money, which is always cash. Everywhere I go, people always remark about how they never see them and consider them lucky. I also observed that different cultures and parts of the country treat the luck from different angles. Many people collect them for their kids’ and grandchildren’s future. I am always working on collecting one of each series I can afford or close.

I also enjoy reading about all the small town banks and seeing the vintage pictures with the modern. Great publication, please keep up the good work.

Tim Witucky
San Diego, Calif.

Be on the Lookout for Clashed Die Jeffersons

Please check all of your 2009-S proof Jefferson nickels for a clashed die. I found one after owning it for nine years. It is loaded with clashes on both the obverse and reverse, with the best being that Jefferson’s eyes appear in the name “Monticello” on the reverse.

John Dunkle
Essington, Pa.

Gold First Spouse Coins Considered a Bargain

Probably no one would agree, but I think that gold First Spouses are a bargain. Many Proof-70s are going for about $1,000. They have very low mintages and extremely low 70 numbers.

Stan Schwartz
Address withheld