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Letters to the Editor: June 15, 2022


Zelensky Medal Article Prompts Order

I just got my [Volodymyr Zelensky] medal in the mail today. I did not hear about it until I saw it on the cover of Numismatic News, so when I called I thought they would be sold out. They had a few left, and I ordered mine the same day I got the magazine. I am very impressed with the quality and detail of the bonded bronze. If I had not seen it in your magazine, I would have missed it. Thanks!

Chris Clements
Address withheld

Publicity, Collector Generosity Push Ukraine Medal Sales Past $7,000

I just received the May 10 issue of Numismatic News and was absolutely thrilled to see the Zelensky medal on the cover. It proves that sometimes a timely numismatic story is more important than another coin selling for over a million dollars.

We have already sold about 90 medals, and the orders keep coming in. Thus far we have raised over $7,000 in contributions to Ukraine aid programs, and hopefully there will be more to come – thanks to the generosity of coin collectors and the help of numismatic publications like yours.

Mel Wacks
Director, Jewish-American Hall of Fame

Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Appear to Carry West Point Mintmark

I bought some 2022 silver Eagle bullion coins this year and was surprised to see they all had the West Point “W” mintmark. Since when did the Mint start putting mintmarks on bullion silver Eagles? I don’t remember ever seeing any news on it.

Henry C. Robinette
Address withheld

Editor’s Note: Bullion coins do not bear mintmarks. Beginning in 2021, the U.S. Mint introduced a refreshed Eagle design that includes designer Adolf Weinman’s initials on the obverse. This mark has been commonly mistaken for a “W” mintmark.

Correction on Current Coins’ Metal Composition

I look forward to each of Patrick Heller’s excellent, informative articles. I have a small nit to pick about the composition of our current dimes, quarters and halves. According to the Coinflation website, the composition of these three coins is 91.67 percent copper and 8.33 percent nickel, not the 75/25 composition cited in his article, “Will U.S. Mint Change Coin Compositions?” on Page 87 of the April 5 issue.

Paul Malone
Forest Lake, Minn.