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Letters to the Editor (February 5, 2019)

Photo of proof Morgan suits silver dollar collector

Thank you for the images of the proof Morgans in NN Express.

Just purchased my final Morgan dollar, an 1894. This was a collection over many years from several vendors.

Recently I replaced some earlier coins with higher grades. Majority are Mint State.

Spread is VG8 to MS66.

I now own a set of all years and all mints and have a couple overstrikes.

Enjoy reading NN and the various articles about coin collecting.

The best part of collecting is browsing NN and determining how much it would cost to fill in the missing coins.

I have the leisure of taking my time to plan what coin to search for.

Hate getting the cold call from a coin dealer – with the deal of the century.

I have hung up the phone more than once when the dealer won’t take no for an answer.

Spent a lot but pleased with my collection.

Name withheld

Improve 70-point grading and skip 100-point scale

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks catching up on my printed numismatic periodical reading (I find the digital editions inconvenient) and am a bit perturbed by the proposal of a 100-point grading system.

I have to agree with most responses I have read in that the only beneficiaries of this change would be the third-party grading services. In my opinion, and I apologize if this was mentioned by anyone else in the Express edition of Numismatic News, there is a simple solution to this without abandoning the already non-fully utilized 70-point scale. The ultimate goal appears to be a way to differentiate MS and proof coins that are inferior or superior within each numeric grade of 60-70. This being the case, why don’t they expand on what some are already doing with the plus or star designation?

I propose putting a minus behind the numerical grade for inferior coins in the grade and a plus for the superior coins. An example of this would be MS67- or MS67+, respectively. To differentiate coins graded with the new method, they could put a large dot, vertically centered after the numeric grade, for a coin that is spot on for that grade: MS67. That way, all newly slabbed MS or proof coins utilizing the new methodology would be identifiable from the older slabs, and there would be no need to send in your old slabs for regrading unless you desire the new designation.

Jonathan Capella
Clinton, Iowa


Mnuchin note found by reader in California

On Jan. 13, I received a note in change at a Panda Express restaurant in Palm Springs, California. Series 2017 $1 Federal Reserve Note (B-A block).

Mark Saladino
Palm Springs, Calif.

War nickel shows up in change from gas station

Today I received in change from a gas station in Weston, Wis., a 1943-P Jefferson War nickel. I grade it as a weak F-20. Full rim obverse and reverse. The obverse has some detail in the hair and knot in hair. Reverse columns and triangle weak, no steps.

Ed Flanders
Weston, Wis.

Editor’s note: This was the rare one in the circulation finds era. Congratulations.


Full roll of Mercury dimes obtained by reader at bank

Nothing special but what nice find! Went to the bank today to cash my paycheck and the bank manager says, “Hey Earl I saved a roll of old dimes for you. A guy brought them in yesterday and I kept mem for you.” I thanked him and gave him $5. 1943s, 1944s, 1945s, and one 1942. Whole roll.

Now I know why I boil peanuts and give them to the bank tellers every fall. The 1942, unfortunately, is not a 42 over 1. Still a very wonderful day.

Earl Bell

Another no to idea of 100-point coin grading scale

I have been reading articles on this topic, and I am totally against the new point system. Though I have about 50 -60 PCGS and NGC holders, it’s not so much about the money (except for the insurance) for re-certification but about the time and hassle to send them in and the time to wait for them to come back. I could be spending more time reading or going to coin shows to buy more coins!

Steve Cheaney
Northvill, Mich.

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