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Letters to the Editor (February 12, 2019)

Innovation dollar coin not needed after four flops


When will it ever stop? As the government steps into it with yet another long-drawn-out project (Innovation dollars) to last 14 years, “they” don’t realize this new series is not going to circulate.

There are already four small dollar coins just sitting in bank vaults throughout the nation because they are disliked. Why? The “paper” dollar bill is still out and circulating by the billions.

“Susie” was disliked because she resembled “George” in color and composition, not to mention her size – a little bigger than the quarter. The golden dollar followed suit in 2000 and was somewhat accepted, but the citizens found the “paper” dollar more convenient, and it became a transit token in some areas where people with $5 and $10 bills needed exact change for bus/train fares. The Presidents and Native Americans came to a halt midway because they wouldn’t circulate, and new issues were no longer available from banks.

All the dollar coins not sold to collectors have gone to the vaults of America – some to Ecuador – but do not circulate. Why? Because the “paper” dollar is still circulating. The government should stop production of this latest series (the “Innovation”dollar) now. There are enough dollar coins in vaults to last several years after the “paper” dollar is removed from circulation.

Bill Tuttle
Cleveland, Ohio

Try another search engine when one misses stories

Regarding your commentary in the latest NN Express, I think I know why your first three hits when you searched for something were videos. You probably searched with Google. Google owns YouTube. When you search something and open a YouTube video, an ad will play before the video is allowed to play. Google makes money. Try using a different search engine like Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo. These search engines have no financial incentive to promote YouTube videos.

Pete Meditz
Address withheld

Reader saddened by passing of Dr. Rick Bagg

While recently looking at auction lots in the showroom of the Stack’s Bowers New York store, I learned of the passing of Dr. Richard “Rick” Bagg.

Needless to say, I was deeply saddened to hear this terrible news, so much so that I had to stop looking at lots, wipe the tears from my eyes, and take some time to regain my composure.

Some thirty-plus years ago, I had the pleasure of working with Rick in that same showroom while both of us were numismatists at Stack’s.

Although Rick was only there for perhaps a year or so, he left a lasting impression upon me, and I count it a distinct privilege to have gotten to know him. He was a very easy person to like; a bundle of energy that was always able to bring a smile to your face even when he wasn’t trying (not to mention the fact that he was also a talented numismatist). To say that the office at Stack’s was cramped was an understatement, and Rick and I were rarely more than 30 feet apart while experiencing all of the pleasures and pain that came with each of our roles at that time. Perhaps I liked him so much because I saw traits in him that I also wanted to have and knew that I never would.

The list of Stack’s alumni from that period is a rather small one, and I dare say that each of us shares a bond that endures even after years apart. Whenever I would think of Rick, it would always bring a smile to my face. Now that he has passed, that smile will be mingled with a bittersweet shedding of tears, for the hobby has lost one of its treasures.

Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell Numismatic Associate
Davidson, N.C.

Potential circulation find distinguishes 1943 cent

It is still possible to find a 1943 copper cent in your change but near impossible to find a Trade dollar with any date. I would gladly accept the 1885. I could sell it and buy the cent and still have enough left to buy other coins.

Nick Weiss
Bensenville, Ill.

S-mint quarters found by reader’s son in change

My son picked up 16 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore quarters from San Francisco Mint (2018) in change. Do they make “S” quarters for circulation?

Jim Breakey
Address withheld

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