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Letters to the Editor (August 28, 2018)

Speculator returns shouldn’t be allowed

Just read your article about people returning the 50th Anniversary Reverse Proof sets to the Mint because they were not a sellout. This really gets me mad. These people are not collectors. They are not buying the coins because they like them. They are buying the coins to flip them and make a quick buck. In some cases, flippers have locked out legitimate buyers who really wanted the Mint’s products. I love it when these people get burned. The Mint should refuse to take products back in this type of situation. The Mint’s return policy, that any product can be returned for any reason, including changing one’s mind, is too liberal. A return should be allowed if a buyer is legitimately dissatisfied, as when there is a quality problem. There are some retail stores that track returns and are refusing to take merchandise back form chronic repeat returners. The Mint should do the same. If you don’t want it, don’t buy it.

Peter Glassman

MacCoins worth a family trip to McDonald’s

Took my family to McDonald’s for lunch. Picked up three different designs of the Big Mac coins. The manager was very patient and accommodating to search through the “bag” of coins they were sent. They’re in sealed bags on cards.

The coins slide enough so you can see the side facing the card. Thanks again for the tip on this. My son just told me that complete five-coin sets are being listed for $50-$60 on eBay.

Mitch Ernst
Omaha, Neb.

Don’t forget the proof silver Kennedy half dollars

The writer on Kennedy halves left out an important area of collecting: the silver proof halves. Since 1992, the Mint has produced silver proof halves.

I collect them because of their proof condition. They are limited in number, and they have real metal value. You don’t find them in your change pocket.

Robert J. Morris
Roswell, N.M.

 The center and upper left quarters are both Apostle Islands. Thanks to Frederick J. Vigil for the photograph.

The center and upper left quarters are both Apostle Islands. Thanks to Frederick J. Vigil for the photograph.

Set contains two Apostle Islands quarters

Has anyone else received two of five same quarter in the new set?

I just opened my sets up, and one set contains two Apostle Island quarters!

Let me know if you think it’s worth the effort to have Mint exchange for another quarter set?

Fredrick J. Vigil
Address withheld

Editor’s note: Packaging errors are wonderful conversation starters at a coin club meeting. However, they have little numismatic value because they are easily faked. If you want something to pass around and talk about, keep it. If you want a complete set, exchange it. Thanks for sending the image.

Another set contains two Apostle Islands quarters

I ordered two of the reverse proof sets from the U.S. Mint and received them today (Aug. 1). I was looking them over and noticed that in one of the sets there are two Apostle Islands quarters, and it is missing the Pictured Rocks quarter. Is this a common mistake by the Mint? They are sealed sets directly from the Mint.

Jim Fahey
New Ulm, Minn.

Eliminate certain coin and note denominations

My life has been involved with my country’s Central Intelligence for 50 years, the details of which are esoteric but well within the technology of our nation’s space program.

More to our interests ... From all the reading I’ve done in the field of U.S. numismatics, I have come away with the impression that this country’s federal government cost was mostly underwritten, up to the 1920s income tax laws, by the Mint within the Treasury Department. If this is true, would I be ignorant, or seemingly more kind, remiss, in expressing a wish that the Mint eliminate certain coin denominations and the BEP, similarly likewise, currency?

John Hester
Saugus, Mass.

Familiar ring of silver alerted reader to find

My find came in a roundabout way. In fact, I didn’t notice it at first. It was a 1948 quarter that was thrown in my car’s coin tray. It was not until I pulled out a handful of coins to search for a quarter for an Aldi’s cart that I heard a familiar ring of silver. Score!

Name withheld

Reverse proof coins really pop when side by side

Got mine (reverse proof set) just now, Tuesday morning (July 31), and having the coins all in one lens, you see how they really pop next to one another.

Previous releases of single coins is blasé compared to this release. U.S. Mint, great idea!

David Mediate
Address withheld

All proof coins should be reverse proof coins

Just got my 50th anniversary reverse proof sets. They are stunning – I think all proof sets should be made this way!

Daryl Conley
Address withheld

Supreme Court ruling worth readers’ attention

I was happy to see that you did a story regarding the possibility that we in the coin business, and those in other businesses who do interstate business (according to the rulings of the Supreme Court), might have to pay to the towns and states where items are shipped a sales tax on the transaction.

I wrote to Jeff Garrett recently about when it happened years ago, when New York and New Jersey, and also later with Connecticut, did a hands-across-the-river agreement, and how several clients got caught and paid huge sales taxes.

It was that if you did not pay a sales tax in the state you bought an item in, then you paid a “use tax” (a sales tax alternate) in the state you resided in. The story I told in my letter to Jeff actually occurred, and if it wasn’t finally too burdensome for the seller to keep records and collect, then the buyer was held responsible for the “use tax” in his own state.

I thought you might want this information, as it does support Mike Fuljenz in his warning that in the desperation as states have now for funds, it could happen again.

Harvey Stack
New York

Thanks to FUN for table at July coin show

We want to sincerely thank Convention Coordinator Cindy Wibker, President Randy Campbell, the FUN Officers and the Directors for once again providing the American Numismatic Association ANA with a free table.

John and Nancy Wilson
Ocala, Fla.

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