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Letters to the Editor (Nov. 28, 2017)

How can you help ignite spark for next generation?


Grade school teachers are always looking for community leaders to visit their classes in order to stimulate childhood interests. I have made presentations about coin collecting to third and fourth grade students.

If every coin club sent speakers to their local schools, could a new generation of collectors be raised? Think of the possibilities.

At the beginning of the school year, the guest speaker could give each child a penny folder from 1959 to present and invite all of them to fill up the folder from circulating pennies. At the end of the semester, the speaker could return and award a 1909 cent to the best collection. Or prizes could be awarded to several children.

When I give a talk at a local school, I take a large container of foreign coins and let each child select and keep what he or she has selected. Then, I explain where the coin originated and encourage the child to learn more about the country and the coin. While some children are disinterested, some quickly become enthusiastic.

If you think back to when you first became interested in coin collecting, what was the spark that ignited your interest? As a representative of the hobby, do you think that you could create some sparks that will ignite the interest of the younger generation?

If you do introduce children to the hobby, please give them some tools to get started. The best tool might be information on when and where your coin club meets. The primary purpose of most clubs is to educate. Our local club enthusiastically welcomes all children.

Bruce Frohman
Modesto, Calif.

Surprise find a reminder that good ones are still out there

I want to report to all collectors that unusual finds are out there. Recently, while making a transaction at my bank, I asked the teller if she had any half dollars. She had two, but the teller next to her said he had $10 worth, counted them, but did not inspect them.

At home before putting them away, I did inspect them. To my surprise and delight, they were all Bicentennial half dollars, all in excellent condition. Happy hunting to all.

J.L. Rossbach
Ambler, Pa.

EAC member offers up perspective on Net Grading

Dear Michael (Fazzari),

In your column in the Oct. 17 Numismatic News, you write that you will address the “folly” (not your term) of EAC Net Grading in a future column. If you think it appropriate to have an EAC voice represented, I’d be pleased to contribute my comments.

Denis Loring
Former National Secretary, EAC
cc: Bill Eckberg
President, EAC

Great location, great success for Hawaii show

The 54th Annual Hawaii State Numismatic Association and Honolulu Coin Club ( Convention was held at the Honolulu, Hawaii, Convention Center on Oct. 20-22. The bourse area is well-lit and carpeted. The theme for the show was the 70th Anniversary of the First Aloha Week Celebration. Special elongated sets were produced for the anniversary and can be viewed at For availability, contact Michael Mochizuki at
General and Bourse Chair Marian Kendrick, also known as Mr. K., along with the dedicated and hardworking members of both local coin clubs all did a masterful job of promoting, organizing (setting up and breaking down), registration and running this important coin convention. Before the show started, the clubs once again placed into local Honolulu circulation 100 $1 FRNs. We don’t know if any were redeemed at the show.

The show featured 85 tables, which included exhibits, club tables and a Young Numismatist area. Sixty dealers had tables at the show, with about a third coming from the mainland. Attendance was 1,148, which includes the 104 Scouts, along with their leaders, friends and family members. The show featured hourly door prizes that are always very popular for those who attend the convention.

Security for the show was organized by Greg Hunt and handled by the Honolulu Police Department. The convention also featured exhibits that were located throughout the bourse area. Admission is always free at this event and parking is only $10. Coffee was provided daily and the pages distributed donuts to the dealers and show workers on Saturday and Sunday. We spoke to several dealers who said they had an excellent show. Many of the dealers were still doing business after the show closed on Sunday.

We want to thank Marion Kendrick, along with the officers and members of both coin clubs, for providing the American Numismatic Association ( with a free table. It was a very successful show for the association. We were able to sign up and renew 24 members. Several others took copies of The Numismatist and said they were going to join later. We also gave out free woods, elongates, stock certificates and other collectibles to visitors who stopped by the table. We especially want to thank Brenda Reichel of Carats & Karates Fine Jewelry Antiques and Collectibles, Honolulu, Hawaii, for making a 501c(3) donation of $50 to the ANA for the shipment of the coin show kit.

On Saturday and Sunday, past ANA vice president Patti Finner handled the Boy Scout Coin Collecting Merit Badge Clinic. Over the two-day clinic, 97 Boy Scouts registered, along with seven Cub Scouts. Five of the Scouts came from Maui. Attending the clinic were five leaders, families and other guests of the Scouts. All the Scouts passed the 10 requirements and received their merit badges. All the scouts also received bags of coins, tokens, medals and currency. The items were donated by dealer Coleman Foster, Joe Kaminski and Aikahi Aloha Coins, Stamps, Jewelry and Collectibles. This was the 21st Scout clinic at the Hawaii State Numismatic Association Convention. Over the many years Patti has been doing the Scout clinics at many different coin shows, she has certified over 10,000 scouts. She also handled the Young Numismatists table at this show, and every YN who attended walked home with a bag of numismatic items.

We have attended many Hawaii State Numismatic Association Conventions over the years and are always amazed at the dedication and work of the members of both coin clubs. At least 15 members are there on a daily basis from the start to finish of the show, registering attendees, helping dealers with their needs and assisting at the club table. For the three-day convention, at least three pages helped the dealers with their food needs at nearby restaurants, cleaning cases or other jobs. A tip jar for them was at the entrance of the show, and they could contribute any amount they wanted.

Besides the great weather, Honolulu has a lot of things to do for the families of the dealers. Nearby Waikiki beach, the three-level Ala Moana Shopping Center, the local zoo, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, the Polynesian Village and museums. Honolulu also has lots of nearby hotels and restaurants. The bus in Honolulu is also very reasonable especially if you are on Medicare – cost is $1. Not only can you take it to the places mentioned, you can also take it back and forth to the Honolulu Airport, and actually all the way around the island.

Thanks again to the local clubs for the ANA table. Next year’s location and show dates are yet to be determined.

John and Nancy Wilson
ANA National Volunteers
Ocala, Fla.

Seized ‘Liberty Dollars’ returned to owners

Wow! Can you imagine that one of the most hated and feared governments on the planet is actually returning the wrongfully seized property to its owners? This is amazing! And it is not the dollar value that is being returned, but actual gold and silver Liberty Dollars that I was convicted of having that are being returned. Amazing!

Did you file a petition to recover your wrongfully seized Liberty Dollar? If so, I am very pleased to report that many Liberty Dollar supporters have already received their Liberty Dollars. If you filed a petition and you have been informed that it was approved, you should receive your gold and silver Liberty Dollars shortly. Please contact me via if you have not received your property within the next 45 days.

If you are one of the dedicated Liberty Dollar petitioners who filed and are getting your actual Liberty Dollar property back, I would greatly appreciate a quick email via when you get your property. It’s been a very long, hard battle, and I am very pleased that you will have your property very soon.

Bernard von Nothaus

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