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Letters to the Editor (Mar. 6, 2018)

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Many thanks to all who helped at Ocala show

The Ocala Coin club – – held its 35th Annual Coin Show Feb. 1-3, at the Motel 6 Conference Center in Ocala, Fla.

We want to thank the Ocala Coin Club Show Chairman Rich Selvar, club president Mark Trout and the officers and members for providing a table for the American Numismatic Association –

Once again we had a great table at the entrance to the convention and we were able to renew or sign up about 10 members. Thanks to dealer David Jones, DJs Locker, LLC, from Crystal River, Fla., for making a $25, 501(c)(3) donation to ANA for the shipment of the coin show kit.

This location is great for the OCC show with lots of hotels and restaurants located within a mile or two. The conference center is very easy to find and located just a few blocks from I-75. It is also well-lit and has plenty of free parking. Seventy-two dealers occupied the 50 tables that were set up.

Show security was outstanding and no problems were reported. Attendance for the three-day event was 936. It helps that the show is well advertised in numismatic publications and local newspapers. The club also sends out 500 postcards to people who registered at the previous year’s show.

The show featured free admission, wooden nickels, hourly silver coin prizes, an all gold raffle, free coins for kids and a literature table full of various numismatic publications and periodicals.

On Saturday John Miller represented Combined Organizations of Numismatic Error Collectors of America – CONECA at a table next to the ANA. Several people who came to the show brought error coins for him to look at and give opinions on.

The food vendor had free coffee for the workers up until 10 a.m. The food they serve is always great and reasonably priced. The club had over 28 members assisting at registration and raffle sales. Many of them helped with setup and breakdown. The show is already sold out for next year’s event. The club is a 50+ year member of the ANA and is a member of the Florida United Numismatists – FUN

We look forward to next year’s Ocala Coin Club show It will be held at the same location Feb. 7-9, 2019.

John and Nancy Wilson
ANA National Volunteers

First U.S. commemorative came in 1892 not 1848

I enjoyed the story by R.W. Julian in the February 6, 2018 of Numismatic News titled “Gold news stamped on quarter eagle.” However, I disagree with his opinion that the 1848 CAL. quarter eagle “is the first true United States commemorative coin even though special dies were not created and only a countermark applied.” Why would this be so? In my mind, that fact negates its claim as a “true commemorative,” and relegates it to the status of “memento” or souvenir. Consider the Columbian Exposition half dollar, widely considered to be the first commemorative coin. Did the mint only countermark a regular issue half dollar? No, a special “artistic” design was created to commemorate the exposition. A discussion of commemoratives as taken from the 3rd Edition of The Official Red Book, A Guide to United States Coins Professional Edition more closely fits the description surrounding the issuance of the Columbian half than the 1848 CAL. quarter eagle:

“These special coins are usually issued either to commemorate events or to help pay for monuments, programs, or celebrations that commemorate historical persons, places, or things. Pre-1982 commemorative coins were offered in most instances by a commission in charge of the event to be commemorated and sold at a premium over face value.”

While both coins can be considered mementos, in my opinion the Columbian half should be considered the first true US commemorative coin. Call the 1848 CAL. quarter eagle a commemorative forerunner or precursor, but not a true commemorative coin.

Frank Crowe
Williamsburg, Va.

Tribute paid to Ohio coin collector and letter writer

Hello fellow collectors and letter writers in the Numismatic News. I have some sad news to report.

This last month, Jan. 25, a contributor (Letters) and sometime commentator (Viewpoint) to Numismatic News passed on to that “Big Bank in the Sky.”

I include here a portion of his obituary.

Robert A. “Bob” Olekson

Born: 06/22/1950 Passed: 01/25/2018

Bob’s interests were varied and many. An avid coin collector and plant enthusiast, he was a member of the Western Reserve Numismatic Club and the Midwest Cactus and Succulent Society.

He was a student of history and other cultures and would readily share in the course of conversation interesting facts that he had learned.

He loved attending and participating in celebrations and festivals where he would enjoy authentic ethnic cuisine. One of his many talents was handwriting analysis, having been awarded the Certificate of Master Graphoanalyst by the International Graphonalysis Society.

If you would like to read the full obituary, here is the web address:

Bob got me into writing letters and giving my viewpoints to Numismatic News, as well as joining WRNC about six years ago. At the club meetings during the club’s presentations period, Bob would give interesting talks on events or a person of that month, i.e., G. Washington and an item, replica Spanish dollar one February.

After his presentation, Bob would donate the item to the club raffle. He was always in attendance at the club meetings until December, when he became ill and couldn’t go.

Bob’s memorial service was Feb. 8, near his home in Parma, Ohio.

Bill Tuttle,
Cleveland, Ohio

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