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Letters to the Editor (Feb. 13, 2018)

Don’t forget there was an Assay medal in 1977

In the Jan.23 issue of Numismatic News, the article on Assay Commission has a picture noting “The last Assay Commission medal was struck in 1976.” That is incorrect, attached are pics of my 1977 Assay Commission medal.

It is very unusual to find an error in Numismatic News!

Rich Uhrich
Sebring, Fla.

Editor’s note: You got us. Thanks.

Young collectors dig in their own pockets to give

Over the past several months, the Northern California Numismatic Association (NCNA) has promoted and solicited contributions to the newly established Jon-Maria Marish/O.L.Wallis Legacy Fund, begun in respect for the terminal Dr. Jon-Maria Marish and the late O.L. Wallis (1920-2013).

Both individuals were significantly involved and committed to organized numismatics around northern California. Dr. Jon-Maria Marish, who is gallantly battled terminal issues, asked that something be implemented to enhance the numismatic experience, with the emphasis toward young hobbyists.

As of the opening weeks of January 2018, this Fund has received in donations $4,700, a most fitting testimonial by and from northern California coin hobbyists and even two Canadians!

Funds have been expended for magnifiers and coin wallets given gratis to young hobbyists.

On Friday, Jan. 12, 2018, in Stockton, Calif., the Delta Coin Club held its annual installation banquet. At this banquet, $200 was contributed.

But, the real joy was not that amount. No, two young attendees and enthused youthful coin hobbyists, Branden Ware and Mikey Moe, both only 12, dug into their pockets and contributed!

Neither is old enough to have a part-time job or even drive, yet, they, freely responded to the appeal. Their gesture is certainly worthy of sharing with the greater world of money.

In closing, if this new fund were to have a formal objective, these words from Robert Louis Stevenson would be cover it: “Do not judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seed you plant.”

To Branden and Mikey, thanks for planting seeds!

Inquiries about the Jon-Maria Marish/ O.L. Wallis Legacy Fund can be sent to, or

Michael S. Turrini
Vallejo, Calif.

Staff and volunteers at FUN show deserve thanks

On Jan. 4-7, the Florida United Numismatists held their 63rd annual convention at the Tampa Convention Center. We classify this convention as the three Bs, (Bigger, Better and Best) plus there was no admission charge.

The 470 visitors waiting to get into the convention were treated to a masterful opening ceremony, and quoting the FUN web page: “Our opening ceremony had the posting of the colors by the AVAST Color Guard (Assisting Veterans of America Support Team). Music was performed by St. Andrew’s Pipes and Drums from Tampa Bay, and the singing of the National Anthem was performed by Luis Sanjurjo.”

We want to sincerely thank Convention Coordinator Cindy Wibker, President Randy Campbell, the FUN officers and the board for once again providing the American Numismatic Association with a free table. We were able to sign up or renew 52 members. Thanks to all staff and volunteers.

The show had 1,000 booths set up, and with 18 aisles to walk down, it was impossible to cover the event in one day. Over 600 were dealer booths. The convention also had club tables, a Coins & Kids area, a U.S. Mint booth, Mike Bean and his Spider press along with a special print made for the show.

John and Nancy Wilson
ANA National Volunteers
Ocala, Fla.

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