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In Response to YN Viewpoint

I want to start out by saying I am of the older generation and a longtime collector. I want to applaud Radek Molchan for being a page at coin shows and his interest in coin collecting. That is great and I am glad to hear his opinion. Memorial Day was yesterday at the time I am writing this, and I always think of the men and women that lost their lives defending this nation. This is part of our history as with coin and currency collecting.

You educate yourself on what you are interested in collecting and you are looking at why the government printed that piece of currency or why they minted a certain coin, and this is what draws you into this collecting field. I don’t think anyone in this field ever thinks that they are going to be a millionaire putting a collection together. If you do, you are putting millions into buying the currency or coins you are collecting.

A quote from Molchan: “A World War II token isn’t as impressive to me as having to be a trillionaire in various countries.”

For example, would it not be better to do some research as to why those various countries printed those notes and implement that into your exhibit? Very few people in this country are billionaires or millionaires, that is why they are the .5 percent or the 1 percent.

It is nice having a young person write a “Viewpoint” and getting their views on the hobby. But take it from someone that has been around for a while: You don’t need all the money in the world to be happy. You need to work at a job you enjoy, stay healthy, save for retirement, and love God and country.

This “Viewpoint” was written by a collector from Bangor, Pa., who wished to remain anonymous.

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