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This Week's Letters (12/6/07)

A selection of letters from readers of Numismatic News to Editor, Dave Harper.
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From the Dec. 6 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Q. The Mint has created a new dollar coin type set that includes a silver Eagle that went on sale in December. Will you be a buyer?

I will not be purchasing this set.

Harry W. Hoffman
Gillett, Wis.

Unless I had read the newsletter I had no idea of its release, even though I keep track of upcoming products from the Mint. Yes, I will be buying. Thanks for the heads-up.

Dennis Murphy
Chicago, Ill.

No, I will not buy this new set. I collect the regular annual issues, mint sets, silver and regular proofs sets. This set does not include both mints, a mixed up idea.

Bruce Adams
Green Bay, Wis.

I checked out these new offerings from the U.S. Mint. It just seems to me that they?re trying to make as much money as they can. Those ?new? offerings have no appeal to me. They are same coins in different packaging. I will not be buying any of the ?new? dollar products.

Ernesto Aguilar
North Hollywood, Calif.

I?ve already ordered the dollar coin set. I?ve only been collecting U.S. coins for nine years, but it?s limited to the standard proof (silver and clad), silver Eagles and all available first-day covers. The new dollar series seems to be a great idea. I just hope the Mint doesn?t over do it with all these new releases like the post office does it with stamps. I?m going broke!

Daniel J. Borfitz
Catskill, N.Y.

Yes, I will order the uncirculated set that includes the American silver Eagle. I think it is a good idea and great for gifts.

Dave Hawkin
Mesa, Ariz.

No, I will not be purchasing the latest Mint gimmick.

Dennis Colby
Villa Park, Ill.

Would I buy them? Already have.

George Furr
High Point, N.C.

No not interested in the set, the mint is making too many already

William Yanosh
 Albany, Ga.

Mr. Harper, I always wanted to tell you how much enjoyment I get reading your article in Numismatic News. Started collecting in 1955. An elderly man and his wife had a 55 double struck penny. Was 10 years old and have been collecting ever since. Will not be buying dollar from Mint.

David S. Smith
Raynham, Mass.

No. Looks like there trying to flood the market.

Warren Senez
Essex, Md.

Yup, already ordered it and have already had an e-mail from the Mint telling me that they were sorry to inform me that the other item that I ordered at the same time has been put on back order ( the bronze Liberty Medal). The set is very interesting with the burnished (I believe) Sacagawea dollar also and the lone large SAE in the middle. Set to be released on Dec. 19 I believe. Thanks for the poll.

Kenyon Miers
Esperance, N.Y.

 I?d have to see the set to evaluate its interest to me, but, in general, I stick to one yearly example of the bullion silver Eagle.

Charles Miller
Havertown, Pa.


Matt G. Juppo
Bothell, Wash.