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This Week's Letters (6/20/08)

Is a National Park quarter series a good idea?
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From the June 20 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Q. Is a National Park quarter series a good idea?

Yes, I think it is a very good Idea and it would probably be as collectible as the state quarters but I would like to see Teddy Roosevelt replace George Washington on the obverse. While their at it, why not produce an American Wildlife theme for the half dollars and maybe they would start circulating more.

Jesse Tarshis
Montrose, Colo.

Yes, I think the series of National Parks or another like it is a great idea.
From kids to adults we know more about our states than we ever did from collecting the quarters. It has also brought many new people into collecting coins.
Quarters are a good series. They are cheap enough to collect for the average person. I have 10 times as many people putting together sets of quarters than dollars. Quarters are a good size design wise too. I think the National Parks series is a great idea.

Gayle Pike
Memphis, Tenn.

A big resounding YES! There was a series of postage stamps issued covering the national parks. Some of these pictures from the stamps would be very appropriate. However, I would suggest doing this on the half-dollars rather than the quarters.

Ludy E.Langer
Sacramento, Calif.

Given the beauty of our National Parks, one can only imagine that the coin designs would be as popular as the state quarters. How about putting the program on 50-cent pieces so that the designs would be easier to see? Perhaps the 50- cent piece would gain popularity and circulate more with the new designs.

Bruce Frohman
Modesto, Calif.

How about service groups listed alphabetically that need publicity like Boys and Girls Clubs, Lions, Masons, etc., seeing as California already did a park issue. But that is not the real reason, rather, while making new issues on quarters, let?s give good examples and reasons for helping mankind and all the service groups that support our great country by making the public aware of all the benefits of joining in to volunteer and give back. That could be endless but each and every service group plays an important part in making America so great!

Neil Osina
Glendora, Calif.

Yes a great idea.
It lets people know what great treasures we have here in the USA.
They sure do not teach about them in public schools, so it would be a great chance for the younger generation to find out more about the United States... and may also bring in new collectors in to the coin field, that would be a good thing, I think. It may also be a good vacation to go see all of the national parks on the coins.

Kelly Feagler
Suffolk Virginia