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This Week's Letters (3/21/08)

Numismatic News editor Dave Harper asks readers, "Will you be a buyer of next year
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From the March 21 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Q.Will you be a buyer of next year?s Saint-Gaudens ultra-high-relief gold piece?

Will I purchase these? As bullion, probably; as a collector coin, probably not. I like the original Indian head 5 cent, the Walker 50 cent, and the St. Gaudens $20 coins because the designs were classical, inspiring and well-executed. But a copy is just a copy. Are there no contemporary designers who can likewise ?wow? us with new designs that are as fitting for our generation as those were for the early 1900s?

Tim L. Shuck
Ames, Iowa

I believe anything the Mint reproduces that was popular in the past will be popular today. Yes, I will purchase the next year?s Saint-Gaudens ultra-high-relief gold piece.

James Dracopoulos
San Antonio, Texas

Yes I will buy a new 1 oz.. 2009 Double Eagle, but like most collectors on somewhat of a budget it will depend on the price.

David G. Boulay
Youngstown, N.Y.

I will wait until I ascertain the price at time of issue. I really believe the coin will have great potential.

E. ?Skip? Foster Jr.
Knoxville, Tenn.

That would be neat! However, I think the Mint will gouge their customers with a hefty premium. With the price of gold falling have you noticed any decline in the Mint?s gold coins?

Sanford Mazel
Altadena, Calif.

I will be a buyer of this coin if the coin is priced such that I can afford it. I would expect there to be a great public interest in this coin, thus the ?flippers? and other interests will be buying
it also.

Gary Barnitz
Belpre, Ohio

I think it will be an interesting piece and I will buy it. Especially because of the Roman Numerals. I was very angry when the gold eagles stopped the Roman numerals, I believe in 1992. The only reason was that our American public could not understand the date. Shame, shame.

John Hamer
Bradford, Mass.

Always enjoy reading your daily news flashes. Regarding the old ultra high relief Saint-Gaudens, I would purchase same. The only proviso being if the Mint does not put an ultra high price on the coin.

Edward J. Moschetti
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Will I buy one of the new high relief Saints? I cannot wait! No matter the price. I have seen the original eagle-sized piefort original and believe it to be the most beautiful coin ever struck. These promise to be spectacular if they even approach the original. I just wish they had struck them in time for the centennial. Now they should follow with reproductions of some of our other great classics in both gold and silver. Give the numismatic community a historic foundation on which to build the promised new renaissance of American coinage.

Ken Wahlman
Gloucester, Va.

I will be one of the people who will be buying the Saint-Gaudens ultra-high-relief gold next year when it comes available.

David J. Fritz
Tampa, Fla.

For years all I could do is dream of owning an ultra high relief. If our government doesn?t screw this one up I?ll have a few!

Michael Embery
Durango, Colo.

Yes, I will certainly be a buyer provided, of course, that I am still employed and can afford things such as food, fuel and clothing. This would a nice holding because so few were made with the original high relief design that the few existent pieces are exorbitant.

John McCullagh
New York, N.Y.

If finances allow I will probably buy at least one gold Saint-Gaudens coin. It is a beautiful design.

Mark Mathosian,
Tallahassee, Fla.

I?d love to purchase one of these, but it all comes down to what the price of gold will be when they go on sale, and what kind of markup the Mint tacks on.

Bob Klippstein
Greensboro, N.C.

Yes. I would be very interested in a proof version of this coin.

Jesse Tarshis
Montrose, Colo.

Thank you for the heads up on this coin. I have not bought a gold coin since I bought a four-coin set from the Mint in 1988, but I think I will be saving for this one. I can only hope that the dollar rises and gold gets cheaper by the time it is released. This will, to me, be like owning a part of our U.S. history.

Scott Bates
Ovid, Mich.

I may buy one. Gold coins are too expensive for me, I collect silver. Do you think they may make a silver edition of the Saint-Gaudens? That would be great.

Albert Sanchez
Yuma, Ariz.

After reading about the particulars on next year?s Saint-Gaudens ultra high relief gold coin re: the 24 karats (.999 gold), its size of 27 mm. If they can do it, as well as put the date in Roman numerals, along with that raised or high relief, I will certainly be looking forward to seeing one. If I can afford it I?ll purchase one, too.

Kevin Brady-Jones
Eugene, Ore.

The real thing is a coin I?ll never own unless I hit the lotto and even then. But yeah, depending on what kind of price the Mint puts on it, I?ll probably, maybe, possibly, perhaps buy one. If it?s true to the original design and not a half-baked re-do like the Buffalo dollar in 2001 was to the Buffalo nickel. As you know, the metals markets took a huge hit this week, and who knows what gold will be next year. It could be $2,000/oz. or back to $400/oz. Who knows? Or what the mintage limit will be. But I suspect collectors who can afford it, assuming it?s no more expensive than a one ounce Buffalo gold will seriously jump on it. So make that a qualified yes, if it?s true to the original, and Mr. Wallet says, ?OK.?

Harv Laser
Torrance, Calif.

Yes, I will definitely be a purchaser if the Mint carries through and issues a high relief Saint-Gaudens gold coin.

Wyman Haskins
Columbus, Ohio

Will definitely be a buyer!

Thomas Dixon
Sheridan, Wyo.

I will most definitely buy an ultra-high-relief gold Saint in 2009. I only wish they could have done it in 2007 commemorating the 100th anniversary of the coin.

Bob Ugiansky
 Leander, Texas

Depending on the cost of the coin I would be interested in buying one, but with the high price of gold now I doubt I would be able to afford one.

Ernesto Aguilar
North Hollywood, Calif.

Yes, I will be a candidate for that beautiful piece of artwork if it is in high relief as advertised. Congratulations to Edward Moy and the crew at the U.S. Mint!

Dave Hawkins
 Mesa, Ariz.

Put me on the top of the list! That eagle in flight in ultra-high-relief is outstanding or will be. I don?t know if it?ll take the place of my Buffalo subscription that year or just be an add on.

Bryon Christoffersen
West Richland, Wash.

In response to your query regarding the 2009 Saint-Gaudens High Relief one ounce gold piece, yes I plan to buy one (depending upon the Mint?s asking price, and assuming absolute fidelity to the original St. Gaudens design). Since I will never be able to afford one of the 1907 High Reliefs (and have always found the Saint-Gaudens high relief design to be the acme of coinage art), I would be delighted to own the modern version!

Bob Bair
Denver, Colo.

No. I don?t believe in collecting or speculating in any coins that were minted after 1964.

Ludy E. Langer
Sacramento, Calif.

I would certainly want to buy this special coin, especially if gold continues to go down in cost per ounce, however. This is probably only a slight blip before it goes much higher. Depends on politics (this November election) and the economy that follows.

Morgan Spilsbury
Bolton, Mass.