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This Week's Letters (2/8/08)

A selection of letters to editor, Dave Harper, from readers of Numismatic News.
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From the Feb. 8 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Q. The Mint says it struck some Monroe dollars on quarter planchets but all were caught and destroyed. Will you check dollar coins for the errors anyway?

Will I check the Monroe dollars for errors anyway? Absolutely!

Kevin L. Bruner
Owensboro, Ky.

I check all coins for errors that come into my hands, whether they be dollars or cents. Everything gets scrutinized. Nothing has appeared yet but who knows? Maybe a new discovery may pop into my hands someday. Mainly if I live long enough.

Jim Glick
Olympia, Wash.

Yes, I will definitely be looking for errors on this coin. The only errors found in my area have been the smooth edge George Washington dollar.

Floyd Howze
Charlotte, N.C.

If the Mint said they made some errors, but destroyed them all, it?s most likely a ploy to sell more dollars so people can search them for errors that probably never existed in the first place. My answer is an emphatic NO!

Roger A. Niewiadomski
Rosholt, Wis.

Yes, I will check to ascertain if one (or more) got past their (Mint?s) inspection.
Thanks for the information.

Skip Foster
Knoxville, Tenn.

My bank gives you all varieties of metal dollars when you buy a roll, so they are all circulated and include Susan B?s, Sacagaweas and so far Washingtons, Adams and Jeffersons only. No Madisons, no Monroes.
They claim that when they order they cannot specify and get what the Feds send.

Ludy E. Langer
Sacramento, Calif.

I will probably check a few, but I would check more if I knew at which mint the error occurred.

Blaine Coffey
Lees Summit, Mo.

Of course I will not search for them. It?s just another way for the U.S. Mint to attract attention to the floundering Presidential dollar series, or else, why mention it all? Duh!

Christopher Williams
Neptune City, N.J.

While I don?t seek out error coins, nor collect them, I will glance at the edges of the roll of Monroes that I will pick up at my local bank in the next couple of weeks. If by chance I come across an error or two, I will put one aside for my collection and post any others on eBay.

Robert H. Ball Jr.
Detroit, Mich.

Of course I will check my coins for errors. The mint has no more accountability for errors than any other federal government agency in this day and time. It is hard to have any confidence these days.

Griff Carnes
Kerrville, Texas

I have been collecting for about 35 years and started dealing at a local flea market in Ohio last year. I will check my Monroe dollars for errors. I remember when the ?82 no-mintmark dime was discovered. I must?ve looked through 200 rolls of dimes and never found any. I did, however, find two in change within a month of each other. I traded one for six ounces of silver and have the other in my collection to this day. I will be a collector until I die. Good luck in all your collecting endeavors.

Clint Springer
Pataskala, Ohio

I always purchase a box a new dollars from my local bank and save one roll for my collection. The other rolls I break open and in an effort to circulate the coins, spend them in local establishments. Of course, if a dollar coin was struck on a quarter planchet to me it would stick out like a naked woman in a prison yard and I would keep any and all that I found. But to go so far as to purchase thousands of dollars worth in an effort to find one, I believe it would be a waste of time.

Neil W. Robertson
Leicester, NC