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e-Letters: Oct. 20, 2022

From the September 23 Numismatic News E-Newsletter

Will you obtain or collect any British or Commonwealth coins given the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and the forthcoming portrait change?

My aim is to collect first year (1952) and last year (2022) issues of coinage bearing portraits of Her Majesty from the U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand and possibly other Commonwealth countries whose coinage has her image.

Clark R.
Warrens, Wis.

No, I won’t be looking to obtain any British or commonwealth coins. I have a few but none were targeted, just incidentally obtained. I predominantly collect U.S. coins

Donald Hudson
Tucson, Ariz.

Yes and no. I have many U.K. coins and Commonwealth coins from George V to Elizabeth II. Depending on the design, I may well want a representative coin of Charles. Time will tell.

Address withheld

I didn’t collect the coinage before, so why start now?

Doug Jennings
Petersburg, Mich.

I have a few coins. But new coins, don’t think I will.

Name and address withheld

I do have some later coins with her image from travelling and Commonwealth countries’ 25-cent pieces in relation to my business. Mostly Canada and Caribbean.

Steven B. Gray
Sylva, N.C.

I would buy a proof large penny if they made one to [commemorate] the passing.

Roger Lussier
Address withheld

Although the passing of the Queen is really sad, it doesn’t affect my collecting interest. I currently don’t collect foreign coins, and even with the design changes coming I will continue to stay on the course I have been on for many years.

Jack Stoffel
Redding, Calif.

Coins commemorating the Queen has been something that I have been thinking of obtaining.

Denny Ragsdale
Address withheld

NO. Rip-off artists are all going to have a field day now. Just like Aaron Judge Yankees baseball cards prices all going through the roof. I don’t buy modern junk from the islands or U.S. Mint. Same with stamps ... no wallpaper!


I loved the fractional set celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria with Queen Elizabeth on the obverse, and I have many hundreds of QEII coins from Britain and the Commonwealths. I’m always looking for something special. I have an album of just Canadian coins (2-inch binder), one of U.K. coins and one of the Commonwealths except for Canada. Also, two nearly complete Canadian cent albums with the large and small bronze pieces.

Jeff R. Granger
Address withheld

I will continue to buy British coins as well as Canadian coins. I enjoy the old coins as well as the new annual sets and purchase them regularly. I am looking forward to the portrait change and will attempt to get sets from all the countries that still have the royal portrait on the coinage.

Mike McGuire
Cocoa, Fla.

Nope, never had any interest before, don’t now. My paltry collection of FR-2 to G-6 large English cents will have to do. I’m 76 and don’t have the time left anyway.

John Erbes
Milwaukee, Wis.

No, I have hundreds of coins with the various portraits of the late Queen Elizabeth II. I’m more interested in obtaining coins with the new portrait of King Charles III.

Donald NelsonAddress withheld