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e-Letters: Nov. 2, 2022

From the October 14 Numismatic News E-Newsletter

Currently, what coin(s) are you most actively seeking out to add to your collection?

Interesting question. I’ve been collecting for 45 years, so I have what is generally called a “wheelbarrow” collection. That is, there are so many non-valuable coins in it that you couldn’t carry it in a wheelbarrow. From the very beginning I concentrated on world coins – ignoring U.S. coins except as they occurred in collections I bought. Over the years I have narrowed by collecting direction from “Get two coins of every different KM number” to concentrate on coins with mermaids (see Palau) and coins from leper colonies. Since I have most of the low-priced coins in those two categories, I have recently narrowed my focus to coins from entities about which most people exclaim, “Where the heck is that?”Think of Crozet Island, Tartarstan, Gotland, Lanzarote, etc.

Which is to say, I’ll bet my collecting habit falls in your “Miscellaneous” category. Be interested to see the results when you finish your survey.

John Brabson Albuquerque, N.M.

For the past six months, I have been actively searching for an 1893-CC Morgan silver dollar in VF condition.

Steve Cheaney

Address Withheld

Looking for a 1918-S Standing Liberty quarter full head, MS-60 to MS-63 range. It may still be affordable in the lower MS grades but not if I have to wait too long.

H. Seeley

Address withheld

I have recently begun a Jefferson and Buffalo nickel collection. I am also working on my Canadian cent collection. My Lincoln cent collection is complete except for the keys. Also, working on my Indian Head cent collection and a 20th century type set.

Brenton von Rheinegger

Address withheld

What I am most actively seeking currently are Morgans and silver Eagles

Craig Flanders

Lowell, Ind.

Toned Morgan dollars

Name and address withheld

No Motto $10 gold Liberty’s.

Name and address withheld

I am currently looking to finish my Liberty proof nickels in CAM 65-66

A few are very tough to get with a CAM designation. And looking for Seated and Barber CAM proofs.

Roy Herbst

Address withheld

Currently I am collecting copper cents (before 1983); all nickels, especially before 1980; and all silver and gold. Though these are organized into a collection, I collect modern commemorative silver dollars, Coin of the Year (COTY) coins, type coins and Morgans.

Dewey DeFalco

Address withheld

Searching Barber dimes currently.


Address withheld

Early Type 1 Standing Liberty quarters in higher grades.

Eric Warner

Address withheld

Gold Walking Liberty is the one I think is the most beautiful.

Albert Moore

Address withheld

1918/7-D Buffalo nickel.

Bennett Singer

Address withheld

Coins that interest me? Well, I do have a bit of knowledge in this hobby, so right now I only deal with U.S. coins. Franklin half dollar is my favorite silver coin. I have noticed that if your coin isn’t an error coin or MS-63 or better, most coins are not worth the money one must pay to complete a set. I like wheat pennies. I’m wanting a 1909 VDB. I know most error coins are where the money is at. As much as I love and appreciate the artwork on all U.S. coins, I’ve come to the point where I want them all: proofs, sets, errors. But again, Franklin half dollars, wheat pennies and all silver coins

Eric Dulworth

Address withheld

Odd denominations, i.e., 2-cent copper, 3-cent silver and 3-cent nickel for a Coin Club Youth presentation, and to [flesh] out my personal collection. Preferably NGC/PCGS MS-64 CAC’d.

Lorne Lavertu

Herndon, Va.

Thanks to the recent Utah Numismatic Society show and a trip to Denver, I just finished my Liberty nickel collection and lack only one coin to finish my 1835 year type set: an 1835 half eagle. They really aren’t super expensive or rare, but I’m having a hard time locating one. But honestly, the more challenging the hunt, the more enjoyable it is when you are finally able to find one.

Brian Cole

Address withheld

The most actively sought-after coin I collect is the U.S. penny. Always looking to replace any date with a better specimen. Cheap and plentiful to replenish, always looking for those gems!

Ron Howard

Glen Burnie, Md.

Colonials, Conder tokens and counterfeit 28th century half pence.

David Townson

Address withheld

1916 DDO Buffalo nickel in VG-10 or F-12. The doubling must be clear to see.

Chic Murray

Address withheld

I am focused on key dates (1877) in Indian cents and Peace dollars (1921). Finishing my type set of classic commemorative coins (less rare versions as I have all keys already). Lastly, a certified AU 1922 no D Lincoln cent to finalize my Lincoln collection.

David Barton

Address withheld

I’m looking for nice Classic Head large cents. They are almost impossible to find.

Paul Price

Address withheld

I currently am seeking Morgan dollars in MS-65 condition certified either by NGC or PCGS. I am not trying to assemble a full set but look for outstanding examples in that grade. After decades of accumulating lots and lots of collectible coins, I made the decision about 10 years ago to sell all my “raw” holdings and reinvest the proceeds as I have stated above. This way, when I am gone and my heirs take over the collection, they will have a much better chance of obtaining a decent price for everything they inherit.

James Evans

Leominster, Mass.

I would like to buy U.S. modern coins.

Name and address withheld

The 1909-S VDB! I love my pennies.

Geri Putnam

Thomson, Ga.

Mainly pennies. I’ve noticed lately that there is more money in pennies nowadays than ever before. Good or bad choice?

J.W. Moore

Livingston, Texas

It would be fun to have articles of every Great Britain gold sovereign. Starting with a small history of each Monarch to the person who designed the coin.

Samuel Stephens

Address withheld

I’m searching for a nice 1952-S Franklin half dollar in MS-65 FBL condition to complete my Franklin half collection, all in MS-65 FBL. Of course I need the 1953-S MS-65 FBL but that’s a little bit too much for my budget, so a nice MS-67 will have to suffice.

Frank Calmes

Brownsburg, Ind.

Half dime: 1837 small 5, PCGS

Half dollar: 1803 small, PCGS

Half dollar 1805/4, PCGS

Michael Clauson

Address withheld

The coin I’d love to have is an 1873 2-cent piece. I have all the other dates in the series including the 1864 small motto. I had an 1873 years ago and foolishly sold it.

Raymond Santoro

Address withheld

Walking Liberty half dollars.

Karl Oberacker

Parma, Ohio

Carson City Morgan dollars.

Name and address withheld

$10 gold Indians.

Steve Stremski

Address withheld

Merchant tokens.

Bob Putman

Waterford, Va.

Circulated dollar coins that were not issued for general circulation. Both the new series, the Sacs and the Presidents. Also a 1901-S quarter

Mark Houston

Address withheld

That would be Trade dollars. Having completed Morgan and Peace dollars, they seemed the logical choice. Besides, it is a smaller and more affordable set than Seated dollars. Also need to finish Buffalo nickels, unfinished since childhood.

Ernie Lurvey

Marshfield, Wis.

I’m currently seeking a 1975-D high-mintmark Jefferson nickel for my collection.

Robert Loomis

South Mills, N.C.

Right now I find myself buying a lot of Canadian coins. Just got the 1926. Six nickels to complete that set. I have also been buying old jewelry made from coins. It has been a lot of fun, and Love tokens are very different.

Mike McGuire

Cocoa, Fla.

I need two coins to finish two sets. 1893-S Morgan at a reasonable price and the gold West Point Kennedy graded by PCGS for my registry set, again at a reasonable price.


Address withheld

I am purchasing AU and above Walking Liberty halves.

Edward Mahoney

Address withheld

Standing Liberty quarters, MS-65 and better.


Address withheld

Looking of certified coins as follows:

1955 doubled die obverse Lincoln cent

1914-D Lincoln cent

1937 three-legged Buffalo nickel

1932-D Washington quarter

1916-D Mercury dime

1917 Standing Liberty quarter

William Mayo