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e-letters: Nov. 16, 2022

Do you follow the performance of the broader coin market? Does it inform your collecting decisions? Why or why not?

I do follow the market via Numismatic News, World Coin News, the Grey Sheet and published spot prices.

I prefer to buy coins when the market is weak and prices are down. I reduce frequency of acquisitions during a strong market because bargains seem to occur less often.

The present market is very confusing. Although silver and gold spot prices are way down, bargains appear to be rare. Silver Eagles are as expensive now as when the spot price was $10 per ounce higher. Bullion is $4 per ounce above spot, a big premium compared to historical norms.

The market is currently strong? Usually, when spot drops, it is due to coin market weakness. But the low metal spot price does not currently reflect the strength of the coin market.

Bruce Frohman

Modesto, Calif.

Nope, I mainly collect ancients, a little world, virtually no U.S. coins. There are no broad changes in the market here, other than general market ups and downs.


Address withheld

No, values on the broader coin market don’t have much of an impact at all on my collecting. There are a few series of coins on which I am working. Big movements in silver generically can affect whether I concentrate on silver issues or copper ones, causing me to concentrate on copper coins when silver is “hot.” I never buy into a hot market, of any kind.

Vincent Kurt Bellman

Arab, Ala.

I follow my own instincts as what to collect.

Roy Herbst

Ridgefield, Conn.

The performance of the broader coin market does not influence my coin-buying decisions because I collect all American coins with no regard to their value.

Dave Burdis

Charleroi, Pa.

No, coin collecting for me is not an investment strategy, but an engaging hobby. Following market trends implies (to me, at least) concern for the value of coins, whereas the value I find in my collection is the pleasure of owning pieces of history.

Chris Kierski

Maysville, W.Va.