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e-Letters: May 12, 2021

From the April 30 Numismatic News E-Newsletter.

Do you view silver differently today than you did one year ago? Have you adjusted your collecting approach because of it?

No, I continue to mine silver and collectible coins by searching rolls. The pandemic has coin flow down quite a bit, though.

Fritz Clemens
Twinsburg, Ohio

My views about this precious metal have not changed in the last year. I still view it as beautiful. Hope it keeps appreciating, but that is not my sole purpose for investing in it.

I am more of a collector than a “stacker.” Love Peace dollars, Morgans and Silver Eagles. I have a few Mexican Libertads and other silver coins as well. It is a fairly modest collection, but I enjoy it very much.

E.P. Arpin
Address withheld

I don’t view silver any differently than I ever have. Yes, the price has gone up and there is a supposed shortage as well, but it’s cyclical in nature. The question for those of us average collectors is trying to figure out if the U.S. Mint will ever straighten itself out on new releases of silver coinage. Instead of a remake (excuse me, I’m yawning) of Morgan and Peace dollars, how about a little imagination by the Mint ? How about a West Point mint silver proof set that contains all silver coins? For the 2022 eight-piece limited edition silver proof set, the Mint should feature the dime, both new quarters, JFK half, a silver Native American dollar, an American Innovator silver dollar, the Type 1 and Type 2 silver Eagles. See, that didn’t take too much imagination. And finally, put the “W” mintmark on the Jefferson uncirculated nickel. More imagination: make it out of silver.

Steve McGowan
Algonac, Mich.

Do I look at silver differently? No, I have been making YouTube videos backing up my claims for over a year, how silver is going to go to $50. I called this way before COVID. Sadly, it took something like a pandemic to open more eyes to the real value of money which is not fiat-based paper. The Feds can print to oblivion, inflation is happening all around us at an excelled rate. Silver’s price is not reflective of the real price; the premiums added on is the real price. The COMEX is criminal. I believe the “squeeze” is nonsense but I believe silver is here to stay and nothing will change my mind. Silver will not make anyone rich, but it will preserve your riches. My amount of buying did get a bit detoured recently but not for long as I only collect government-backed bullion, 90 percent and in some instances companies like Sunshine, Scottsdale, Engelhard, etc.

Kyle A.
Jefferson City, Mo.

Yes, but only a little. I have purchased slightly more that I had previously collected.

Michael Mercer
Georgetown, Ind.

No, not at all. As a collector, I am willing to pay a fair market value for coins that I require to fill my sets. Whether modern or pre-’65. I am more motivated by the quality than by the rise in silver value.

Carl Hornberger
Poquoson, Va.

I used to give the family an ASE every Christmas, but no more. It got priced out of my wallet. I only buy silver coins/medals for the numismatic value.

Bob Fritsch
Nashua, N.H.

As always there are dealers who take full advantage of every situation, yes, the price of silver has gone up, and prices should be adjusted. However, many dealers are trying to make people panic over the availability of silver: “Get your silver now at our inflated prices because physical silver is so rare!”

I hope these people check other sources around before paying these inflated prices. Do a search for “silver” (Coins) on eBay and there are pages and pages of silver available at fair prices.

Jack Lewkowitz
Address withheld

The huge increases on bids on all silver products may soon outpace my ability to participate in the hobby much longer. Living on retirement funds does not allow for wildly fluctuating prices.

Joy Kassas
Address withheld