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e-Letters: May 11, 2022

From the April 22 Numismatic News E-Newsletter

Does your collection include exonumia? If so, what do you collect and why?

Yes my collection does include exonumia. It is a nice alternative to my main collection, which consists mainly of United States coins. There seems to be an unlimited assortment of it. My favorite is collecting from the many places that I have lived over the years.

Dave Burdis
Charleroi, Pa.

I collect MACO portraits of historically important persons, i.e., Harriet Beecher Stowe, Edgar Allan Poe, the first female astronomist, etc. I also have some other medals like the Hudson River Celebration and Civil War tokens.

I understand silver bars are considered exonumia, and I have some of those. Also, I collect some Egyptian-themed rounds that are artistically appealing and intricate.

Joy Kassas
Seven Springs, N.C.

Civil War, Hard Times, counterstamped, Transit and Good For tokens.

Sebring, Fla.

Some of the exonumia was inherited. Most of the exonumia I have personally collected is from vacations. I’ll pick up anything I can find, and all, from tourist sites and keep on hand quarters and copper pennies for the squished cent machines.

Name and address withheld

I collect all types of U.S. coins and currency mostly, but also Civil War Tokens and even Wooden Nickels!

Mark Britton
Address withheld

I collect some history-related medals. Presidential Mint and Inaugural medals and Chinese historical medals are my favorites.

Norman Grange
Detroit, Mich.

I have many favorites that mostly include Buffalo nickels and Standing liberty quarters. But every type of numismatics attracts my attention, and I buy anything I see that I like. I show no favoritism. It is a great and at times profitable hobby.

John Dunkle
Address withheld

I collect Canadian tokens

Gary Werner
St. Louis, Mo.

Yes, my collection includes tokens, coal scrip and plastic Good For tokens as well as food stamp change tokens. They are history and fun to collect.

Mary Jane Campbell
Address withheld

I returned to numismatics three years ago, when I retired. As a 1793 through 1940 type collector, I frankly have my hands full finding these coins (I only collect Mint State and Proof, preferably in Gem grade or better). No time for exonumia – or foreign, ancients, currency and errors for that matter.

James Sibley
Spring, Texas

So far I have collected two exonumia Hard Times tokens, the American token,“Am I Not A Woman & A Sister” as well as the British token, “Am I Not A Man & A Brother.”

New York, N.Y.