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e-Letters: Jan. 27, 2021

From the Jan. 15 Numismatic News e-Newsletter

How will silver’s stellar track record of 2020 affect your collecting approach this year?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers.

I will continue to concentrate on pre- 1965 silver coins and those post 1964 coins containing high amounts of silver.

Tom Young
Address withheld

The price of silver does not affect my collecting habits. I will be buying the American silver Eagles for 2021 from all the branches, old and new designs. I will also will buy the two commemorative silver dollars.

Allan Parker
Hartdale, N.Y.

I collect coins more than 60 years old and only those issued for general circulation. It is therefore of academic interest to me as to whether or not the price of silver rises or falls.

Nigel Reid
Enfield, U.K.

If it is still going to be this high, I will just buy less silver.

Conner Hopfer
Address withheld