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This Week's Letters (5/4/09)

Have you obtained any new 2009 Lincoln cents yet in your area since they were introduced Feb. 12?
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From the Feb. 20 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:
Q. Have you obtained any new 2009 Lincoln cents yet in your area since they were introduced Feb. 12?


I have obtained the new coin, however the only way I could was to drive to Hodgenville, Ky., for the 200th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth since my bank was told that it would be two months before they would be getting them.
If a person is wanting them it will be worth the wait because in my opinion, they are beautiful. The log cabin on the reverse of the coin is very unique and being the first strikes all of the detail is amazing. It was well worth the drive from Knoxville, Tenn.
Thanks for the opportunity to put my two cents worth in.

Darryl Stilwell
Knoxville, Tenn.

No U.S. 2009 coins yet, but at the World Money Fair (Feb. 6-8, Berlin, Germany), the Lithuanian Mint gave me a free 2009 dated coin (low denomination).

Stephen Album
Santa Rosa, Calif.

I’ve just recently ordered the new Lincoln silver dollar and can’t wait to get it in the mail in the coming weeks. I look forward also to the new Lincoln cents. But as of 2/21/2009, I’ve not yet seen the new Lincoln cents circulated in my area.
I’m curious to see what the new cent looks like so that I can store it into my collection. I plan to get some rolls of the new coins when they come out.
I hope they keep the penny in circulation now and into the future.

James Dorsey
Philadelphia, Pa.

I haven’t seen any of the new Lincoln cents yet in circulation. I am hoping to find some soon though.
I do have a question though. A few years ago the Mint produced the Westward Journey series of nickels. At that time they also sold collector rolls of the coins on their Web site. What is the difference now that they aren’t selling collector rolls of the new Lincoln cents? I just don’t understand why, for the penny, they don’t sell collector rolls.

Don Marencic Jr.
Hummelstown, Pa.

I’ve been on the lookout for the new Lincoln cent here in Indiana, but haven’t seen one yet. I work in a bookstore and keep my eye out as new rolls of coins come in. I am looking forward to the first two designs because of growing up in this area. I agree the recession has slowed down coin distribution.
Thank you for the positive tone of your writing.

Bob Seybold
South Bend, Ind.

Oh, heavens no! We won’t see the shadow of them till mid ’09, if we’re lucky! We’re up in the middle of New York state in the northeast corner of this wonderful country and distribution, particularly from Denver, is a rarity. LOL! Am still looking for an ’08 D cent; two ’07 D’s came by last year and I treasure them as rarities. LOL!
And speaking of D’s, I haven’t seen any state quarter D’s since 2002. I bought one D of one of the states from 2003 at a local show, but that’s not enjoying the fun and satisfaction of true collecting in this project. However, all the P’s have shown up. Now, by the time a state D comes by it’ll be worn and scratched so will probably have to buy after all. Chuckle.
Thanks for caring!

Kenyon Miers
Esperance, N.Y.

Called Chase Bank in my city and was told they would not get any of the “new” Lincoln cents as they were told that the Mint is the only outlet for distribution. Is this true?

Rick Phillips,
Speedway, Ind.

No I have not found any new one-cent coins in Redhook, N.Y. .I don’t even see them for sale at the U.S. Mint Web site.

Roy Greene Sr.

Haven’t found one yet in change, but am going by the bank today to see if they have them yet.

Griff Carnes
Kerrville, Texas

I have not seen any 08 dimes or nickels in circulation yet., and I have found less than ten 08 cents. I put up a roll of new AU cents every year from circulation..I also get AU dimes and nickels from circulation for my folders.
But not last year. Where are all the billions of coins the mint made last year.
I guess 09 coins are out of the question.

A Benton
Myrtle Beach SC

Hard to believe they were distributed beginning Feb. 12, as my
suburban Philly coin dealer still doesn’t have them (nor do 4-5 banks
I’ve checked with). That’ s OK; I’ll be patient for a new coin at
face value.

Charles M.
Havertown, PA

No I have not found a 2009 penny here in Hawaii. Hopefully in the near future though. Mahalo and aloha ,

Walaka Yam
Kaneohe, HI

NO !!! Banks can’t or will not order them.

James Bishop
Idaho Falls, ID

Tried several banks in the Massachusetts area, including my bank where I have
Always been able to get rolls of the state quarters. They have not been contacted
About the coins as of 2/22. The other banks that I contacted are waiting also.

Morgan Spilsbury
Bolton, MA

I have been searching all banks in my area for the new cent. None of them have it yet. Some have told me they don’t expect to get it. I called the Commerce Bank customer service number and they say they don’t know when their banks will get it.
Its been a challenge so far, which is annoying because I have been excited to see one since the release on Lincoln’s birthday.

Dan Breen
York, PA