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e-Letters: Feb. 24

From the Feb. 5 Numismatic News E-Newsletter.

What effects will the GameStop situation have on the numismatics market and hobby?

Should be about over by now. Prices have stabilized. Not worried.

Address withheld


Doug fields
Laredo, Texas

Let me retort to this Friday Poll Question with the lessons learned, and practiced, for nearly four full decades. The late Ruben Lee “Lucky” Williams, tragically murdered in 1986, instill these teachings about silver and silver investing.

One, buy and hold, actually own, silver in small units for ease of selling and trading. Two, consistently buy silver, regularly and store. Plus three, patience. Precious medals fluctuate, as any ranking on the New York Stock Exchange. These highs and lows can be drama; but, in the long run, as defined in years, precious metals, like silver, triumph.

These lessons, some soon 40 years for me, hold just as true nowadays as then. I have held to these ever since. Just to note, “Lucky” primarily recommended one ounce rounds and silver Eagles.

Silver is the poor man’s gold, remains always popular, is readily marketable, plus is the simplest security in world, enduring a never-ending pandemic, political crisis and uncertainty.

So, GameStop? Does it matter? Maybe. But what does, in the end, matter: Do you own and possess security in a world so doubtful?

Michael S. Turrini
Vallejo, Calif.