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e-Letters: April 19, 2022

From the March 18 Numismatic News E-Newsletter

Will the cancellation of 2022 Morgan and Peace dollars drive up secondary market prices on the 2021 coins? Why or why not?

Will prices be driven up or down upon cancelling 2022 Morgan and Peace silver dollars? I believe the 2021 Morgan and Peace dollar prices will increase, but the overall prices for future dollars will have the normal ups and downs as demand dictates. If there’s a silver shortage, I think prices will initially increase on all silver coins, especially silver American Eagles.

Robert Knight
Lena, Ill.

Yes, values will increase on the 2021s. Who knows what the Mint will be charging for 2023s considering this current high inflation rate. Why would the 2021s sell for any less?

John McMann
Warrenton, Va.

Yes, I do believe that it will drive up the price on the secondary market for the 2021 Peace and Morgan dollars because I think that those who were unable to successfully purchase any of the 2021 dollars from the Mint at the Mint’s lower price might be waiting for a second chance to get a modern-day Peace or Morgan dollar from the Mint.

Dave Burdis
Charleroi, Pa.

OMG, who really cares! The “world’s largest coin dealer,” the United States Mint, just made it easier, and much more less expensive, for us coin hobbyists.

My concern was that the resurrected two designs would become another series, adding pages to the impacted Red Book and then soon a special album followed by listings in the Coin Dealer Newsletter, the old Greysheet. Does this really enhance our collecting hobby?

At the end of January 2022, I was able to purchase, in the secondary market, the Morgan series, and for not too bad of a price. Being able to do that only confirms the secondary market, for most all United States Mint products, is the deciding factor.

The United States Mint and our brothers and sisters up north in Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint, adhere to a credo: mint whatever that can sell.

Changing from the Poll Question, candidly, have the numerous and diverse changes in quarters and dollars over the past two decades created and added more coin collectors? That is a question which is worthy of a Friday Poll Question.

Closing as I ended with an earlier Poll Question: Have fun!

Michael S. Turrini
Vallejo, Calif.

Definitely! Supply and demand! It’s a one-year issue.

Steve Cheaney
Address Withheld