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Dimes in a Penny Roll

I get my rolls of pennies from my Community Bank. This time, I found two dimes that were the same color amidst the pennies. One dime was from 1967. It was nice to have a little extra money in a roll!

Happy hunting!

Rod Trower
Northfield, Vt.

I was on my weekly trip to the local laundromat to do my clothes. I put a $20 in the quarter machine and as it was dispensing I heard the sound that a silver quarter makes as it hits the change cup. I gathered them all and spread them out on the washing machine and there was a 1941 beauty. It can happen anywhere at any time.

Brian G.
Newark, N.Y.

It has been a fun year of Circulation (Circ) finds for me! In February I found my first 1950-D nickel. I’d say it was in Very Good condition (with full rims), considering it appears to have been in circulation since 1950! Also this year, I’ve found two 2009-D nickels(although not “Rare,” merely conversational. I refuse to pay more than 5 cents for one, or a 2009, for which I’m still looking!)

In March, I scored a 1990-D Kennedy half out of a customer roll from a bank that has what, in my novice state, I call a “2:30 reverse die rotation.” It is my first extremely noticeable rotated die coin find. Continuing on with the Kennedy half theme, over the summer I walked into the local Piggly-Wiggly and couldn’t believe my eyes because there in the Coinstar “reject” (aka Free Prize) bin was a shiny (AU) 1964 JFK! I usually don’t even find pocket lint in that machine! I’ve found hardly any silver in circulation this year, except a couple of war nickels, but I’m up to date on 2019-dated base coinage. I haven’t found any Westpoint quarters from circ, but I’m continuing to look!

I’m not much of a bill (FRN) collector, but in October I was handed a Series 2013 fancy serial (G27777772H) $1 piece of green cotton, so that was thrown in the collection box. I consider my best find of 2019 to be on Nov. 14. I had some time to look through five rolls of cents that I was merely going to pull the copper from. They’d been in a box in the closet for the last five years, so I forget where they even came from. Happily, I didn’t just throw them in the “To Spend” jar, but decided to look a little closer. I found my first 1999 Wide A-M. I’d say it was in an Extra Fine to Almost Uncirculated condition, with less of the splotches and tarnish on it than many of the comparable W.Am.’s on flea-bay (a site I use for research purposes only!)

Jay Woodin
Wiggins, Miss.

My wife brought home a roll of Idaho quarters and when I started going through them I was surprised to see they were all P’s. Living in Montana, we get nothing but D’s.As I was going through them, I was really surprised to find three W’s. I figured all were sent east of the Mississippi. Anyway, thanks for letting me vent my excitement.

B. Mock
Address Withheld

While looking through a jar of pennies that my sister-in-law accumulated, I came across a 1992 Lincoln cent with a doubled date. I’m wondering if there are others out there.

Randy Wolf

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