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Delta Show Makes Strong Return

By Michael S. Turrini

On Oct. 15, returning to a tradition that was disrupted by the pandemic of these past few years, I loaded my Ford Fusion, filled with a full tank of gas, and drove in the dark early morning hours on the two-lane California State Highway 12, to Stockton, just missing a hitchhiker jaywalking on the bridge when crossing the Sacramento River.

The Delta Coin Club, a quite avid local group that honored me with Life Membership back in 1999, held its resurrected coin show. While not as many bourse dealers from those halcyon times before the wrecking pandemic, the show was a true barn-burner: lots of activity; dealer-to-dealer transactions; youth attending, noise, which is always a good barometer of what is happening; and steady and crowded attendance into mid-afternoon.

It was, you might say, “like the good old days.”

Credit for the club’s successful resumption of its annual show were the enthusiasm and effort by Joe Lopez, president; Jared Moe, newsletter editor; and Jay Coffey, treasurer; plus others, like Manny, whose last name skips my memory but was there all hours.

As was my tradition, I staffed solo a combined table with American Numismatic Association (ANA) brochures and its Numismatist, fliers, hobby information from the Professional Numismatic Guild (PNG), information about the California State Numismatic Association, plus even promotion material from the American Philatelic Society, and, most importantly, treasures to entice youngsters into the world of money hobby, which was augmented with displays of odd and curious money and other tidbits. Youngsters received foreign coins, a magnifier and a Ziploc bag filled with stamps, too, the other grand hobby.

Along with crediting the Delta Coin Club personnel, equal credit is acknowledged publicly to both the ANA for its support and to the PNG, which has been repeatedly generous with informative, colorful and enticing literature, all gratis.

My combination table was situated next to the Stanislaus County Coin Club’s table. Three executive officers from that club were there all hours of the show, saying hello and sharing fellowship with show attendees. They practiced a “soft sell” and did not pressure or claim, “we’re the club that you should join.” The club displayed a full set of its medal issues and items.

What was most provocative and brought show attendees to pause at their table was a large world map, the old National Geographic type, and a corresponding and coordinating exhibit of world coins: matching the country with a coin. Quite interesting as well as educational.

Aaron Brown and Nick Lopez, the club’s president, coordinated this effort. Their effort added to the Delta Coin Club’s 2022 Coin Show. It is, for sure, to be repeated in 2023.

It was another long day, taking away from whatever else should have been done, like yard work or simply a nice restful Saturday afternoon nap. Yet, for me, it was the opportunity to again meet and to mingle with fellow hobbyists, while enjoying our world of money hobby.

The Delta Coin Club is commended, along with its neighbor the Stanislaus County Coin Club, for sharing our hobby.

Other Numismatic News readers, I am confident, should submit and share their respective experiences of coin shows around our nation and into Canada. The wrecking pandemic might not be done, but, on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022, it was dismissed in Stockton, Calif.

Michael S. Turrini is president of the California State Numismatic Association and an advocate for local coin clubs.

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