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Community Voice Responses (Mar. 27, 2018)

From the Mar. 2 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:


Do you buy most of your coins online?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

I am mixed half and half.

Dennis Nicholson
Nassau County N.Y.

I buy all of my coins on-line, it allow access to numerous sellers I would never see witout the internet.

Frank R. Wagner
Chesapeake, Va.

We have a great little coin shop here on the Oregon Coast. They appreciate my business, which makes them a favorite. They also know what my interests are. If I see something online that is unique, I first try to get it locally but will use online as a last resort. They go to the local coin shows and are always good for coin conversation. I have gotten some great deals from a local pawn shop too.

Fred Morgan
Lincoln City, Ore.

In preference, my coins are bought in shows, or in person at shops. So many times I have heard that the coin (s) are misrepresented, usually in grade.If a difference of opinion is had, face to face is always best. For myself, it has been DECADES since I have ordered any online. It has always been at the Mint, until work has become a bit shoddy. Most had been good, but slipped in nature. For me, shows are the way to go!

Gary Kess
Sherman, Texas

I do buy most of my coins online, usually from a well known auction firm.

Mike Thorne

Online purchases are a wonderful opportunity for collectors who know what they are doing and who have figured out who can be trusted.

The Internet unfortunately has many traps for people who are just thinking about becoming a coin collector.

Newcomers would benefit from visiting local shops and going to a VFW Hall coin show, but it is only the experienced collectors that seem to continue to do some business the old-fashioned way.

My hat is off to the dealers who attend these shows and go to the trouble and expense to do it. I appreciate the opportunity to talk to them.

Yeah, yeah, yeah this seems to be turning into an anti-Internet rant. It is not meant to be. I think numismatics has to be served online, at shows and in shops – and don’t forget mail order. I still love to read classified ads.

Name withheld

Online all the way. I love finding bargains. I love bidding in online auctions. This is the way it should be. Everything else is just too slow or too expensive.

Name withheld

Why are you asking? Anyone who gets this is already online. Who is going to tell you they don’t like it? Ask something that makes sense.

Name withheld

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