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Community Voice Responses (Jan. 16, 2018)

From the Dec. 22 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Will the next record gold price be set after the year 2020?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

It will be hard to predict where the new high, or when, it will be. A correct presumption is sometime after 2020.

It was almost $1,900 the last go-around. This time, $2,000 will be realistic. Silver may not be at a new record, but it can be a close call.

I thought copper rounds may someday go up also. Around 2020, it may prove me right.

As advised, there may be the bid/asked price add-on, but if done right profits may be had. This can and will be done on all levels. Good luck to all.

Gary Kess
Sherman, Texas

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