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Community Voice Responses (Feb. 13, 2018)

From the Jan. 19 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:


Do you think when the dust settles Andrew Jackson will stay on the $20?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

Looks to me like Andrew has done a good job on the $20. Not his fault that the value of our paper continues to decline. I say no need to shove him aside at the present time.

“Only the government can take a perfectly good piece of paper, slap some ink on it and then proceed to make it totally worthless.”

Max LeRoy Stucky
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Slavery still exists in this world today and that’s a shame. So why must one person be beaten up one side and down the other for what still is a reality? I’m not saying the man was perfect. None of us is. Very far from it; some of us think we can do no wrong. To put it simply, no one is born into this world hating another person. They have to be taught to hate. We are all humans on this planet and should be grateful for every day we get. So stop looking for faults in people and look for just a pinch of good. Might be surprised when all is said and done.

Pete Cappola Jr.
Cattaraugus, N.Y.

I know it will be some time that Jackson will remain on the $20 bill. With Congress moving slower, and other segments, he will remain on the bill. After all, how many years has there been talk to remove the cent from circulation? How long has it been for the removal of the $1 note? I know this has been a spell. We will all be surprised when it happens.

Gary Kess
Sherman, Texas

Hopefully no changes are made. We need to Make America Great Again and not worry about the portrait of who is on the $20 bill. Our “green” currency is the most widely recognized and accepted currency in the world, and that is why the no-gooders, and evil-diders are doing counterfeiting stuff with it. The time wasted and spent on the portrait issue is time that could have been better spent on devising new ways to fight counterfeiting bills and coins.

The U.S. Mint claims repeatedly “that there is no counterfeiting problem with U.S. coins and bullion.” They are sorely misinformed and ignorant. Thank God for Beth Deisher and others who are leading the charge in educating a bunch of bureaucrats that have their heads stuck in the sand, or somewhere else.

Let’s Make America Great Again and stop worrying about foolish nonsense.

Robert Matitia
Address withheld

Yes – the bigots have won.

Wesley Ellis
Portland, Ore.

He Better.

Robert Beck
Nashville, Tenn.

Yes, until another Democrat becomes President.

Larry Schall
Address withheld

Yes. Jackson will stay on the $20.

Joe Conroy
Address withheld

I don’t see any bona fide reason for removing one of our nation’s early heroes from the currently used $20 bill. Andrew Jackson was hardly a perfect human being, but the long and short of the man’s life is vastly more positive than any shortcomings that he may have had. If they want to honor other people on this currency (or other) denomination, they should do so, but don’t try to sweep away the memories of a great American hero, just to please the so-called “politically correct” mind police.

James E. Jones
Address withheld

Jackson will and should stay on the twenty. His role in the battle for New Orleans played a major role in the forming of our great nation.

Joe Gorak
Address withheld

Andrew Jackson will stay on the bill for political reasons.

Bruce Frohman
Address withheld

Jeez! It’s Trump. Of course Jackson will remain on the 20.

Eric Lurio
Address withheld

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