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Community Voice Responses (April 9, 2019)

From the Mar. 15 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:


Why do you think the 2019 Rocketship set from the U.S. Mint is so popular?

Here are some answers sent in from our e-newsletter readers.

From what I’ve heard, this set contains an SP-PL JFK Half. It is not clear as to the Mint’s intent in issuing it into a set primarily meant as an educational kid’s gift. Perhaps we’ll see if the P&D Mint Set will have the same half.

Steve McGowan
Algonac, Mich.

I liked the Rocketship set from the onset. As a past science teacher and longtime NASA/Space Program fan, I love the simplicity of this set. This is a great product that can be used to produce interest in younger potential coin collectors. During my time teaching, I had several programs I used to produce interest in future collecting.

I gained collection interest when I saw “The Coin Vault” TV sales program had the Kennedy coin graded as a “PL” Proof Like coin. I purchased several to use as gifts and as displays for collection displays. The cost was very reasonable, and upon receipt of the order I feel it was an excellent U.S. Mint product. Did I use the word excellent in reference to the Mint? I don’t mind expressing critical comments for a lot of their products and procedures, so I will compliment them when they deserve praise.

I am also very pleased with this year’s set of space-related coinage. As a Native American Oklahoma Choctaw Indian, I am overjoyed with this year’s Native American coin celebrating the works of two of Oklahoma’s Native American citizens from the past and present. If you don’t know their stories, I will leave you with that task to read and learn.

Jim Lloyd
Atoka, Okla.

To me, the popularity of the Rocketship is two-fold, and neither reason has anything to do with buying them to introduce children to the hobby.

I think speculators snatched them up hoping for another “Cheerios dollar” situation on one of the coins, and I think they did it because the premium is actually lower for two coins together. $10 for both a dollar and half dollar in special packaging isn’t a terrible deal.

Sure, 85% of the price is over face value, but 90% of the cost of a proof set at $27.95 is over the face value.

Just my thoughts.

Marble Falls, Texas

Kids have imagination, and the Mint has done a capital job in marketing a gain for taxpayers and new numismatists in the making.

Einstein was correct: Imagination is more important than knowledge...

Wesley Ellis
Portland, Ore.

I believe that us old guys, you know 60 plus, try to get young folks to learn and hopefully become young coin collectors. I know I always liked things that glow in the dark. I am the guy in the neighborhood that gives coins out for Holloween, and I hope the Rocketship set will begin a new hobby for some young person.

James Faulkerson
Hillsboro, Mo.

I bought five, initially somehow thought there was a rarity in the set, but later discovered it’s not. You’ll see mine on eBay in the next couple of years.

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