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Community Voice Responses (Apr. 17, 2018)

From the Mar. 23 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:


Do American Legion coins pay appropriate honor to veterans in your family?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

As a young farm boy from Iowa, my grandfather (Joe) went across the Atlantic Ocean to help a cause greater than himself. He had no idea that his future brother-in-law (Les) was right there with him at the time, in a different part of our Armed Services. The designs for these dollars, to me, are something that will honor their memory for generations to come. We may not know or remember all their names, but their generation sacrificed so much for the world, and these coins are a tiny tribute and are so beautifully designed. I’m glad to see that these coins are well designed. I hope to own each one of them for my collection. I’m sure Joe and Les would agree!

Tony Brubaker
Address withheld

I used to see many American Legion coins depicting vets. I have also seen other organizations as well, but not as much. It would do all vets to do honor but also in financing basic needs. I suggest this only because most others fall short of this goal.

American Vets, and other organizations, can do more to let people know that they can help. A steady suggested donation can, and does, help. A few times a year, a small amount is all it takes. Perhaps more coins honoring all vets can help. A portion of these sales can work wonders!

Gary Kess
Sherman, Texas


Wesley Ellis
Portland, Ore.

Though the American Legion 100th year anniversary is certainly worth commemorating, I disagree with all the CCAC design choices. There were better designs that ought to have been chosen.

Name withheld

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