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Community Voice Responses (2/16/2016)

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From the Jan. 22 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Are you looking for 2016 coins in your change?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

I received my first (actually three) 2016 (Philadelphia) dated coins Jan. 22. I received the three one-cent coins at my local grocery store here in Meadville. I always check all of my pocket change for the unusual.

An image of the 2016-S proof Lincoln cent that was found at a bank in

One collector even reports finding a 2016-S Lincoln cent in change already.

Ron Rushton
Meadville, Pa.

Yes, indeed. I always make note of the first coin of the new year. The earliest I ever got a new dated coin was in 1999, Jan. 8.

I was at the FUN show and got a Delaware quarter in change at the hotel. I ran back to the convention center, hoping I was the first to report. No, someone beat me to it!

In 1972, my first coin of the year was an Ike dollar, received on Jan. 15. I cashed a check and the teller asked me if I wanted it.

As of Jan. 22, no 2016 coins yet.

I have a trip downtown next week.

Ginger Rapsus
Chicago, Ill.

Yes and have been for two months grocery store and gas stations are the best place for me because people will spend their last dime in both venues.

William Johnston
San Antonio, Texas

Yes, I like to keep my eyes peeled for the new coinage of the year.

As you have indicated before usually early sightings of new coins means a strong economy, so I like to keep track of when I see that first new coin of the year.

I also like to take a couple rolls of each out of ciculation just to look for errors and examine the quality of the coins.

I have not seen a 2016 coin yet, but I’m looking.

David Tortorice

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