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Community Voice Responses (11/05/13)

From the Oct. 11 Numismatic News E-Newsletter: Should the U.S. Mint strike Presidential dollars in gold? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.
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From the Oct. 11 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Should the U.S. Mint strike Presidential dollars in gold?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

It is time that we slow down on the number of coins the U.S. Mint makes at this time. We need to allow collectors to regroup and define their collections and what coins are all ready out there out there to be bought to bring their collection up to date.
There are so many coins to get, collectors need to determine what is valuable or what is not valuable. Since we cannot get every coin that is made, why not focus on can bring us money in these times of economic uncertainty.
I would be happy to clean up my collection and reduce it to coins that are most valuable and let the other coins go to novice collectors to get started as we did on our first collecting experience. After a certain time, start issuing new coins to the collectors who can afford to buy and sell these new coins to put the fun back into the art.
Dave Asbury Sr.
Omaha, Neb.

I think Presidential dollars struck in gold would be considerable overkill. Coin collecting is supposed to be collecting coins created for genuine use or commemorative reasons other than just to create more varieties for the Mint to sell and collectors collect, not that a lot of mints don’t stretch that idea pretty far. That gets into the area of collecting products of the old Franklin Mint. Interesting as some of them are, they have no substantial value. The U.S. Mint does not need to do that.
R.W. Barker
Midland, Mich.

No. They are just glorified bus tokens.
Wesley Ellis
Portland, Ore.

Yes, I think real gold Presidential dollars would be cool even though I probably couldn’t afford to collect a complete set. Just like the First Spouse coins are a great addition to the Presidential dollars, they are a little out of my budget, although I wish I would have purchased the first couple First Spouse coins for the Presidents without a First Spouse. As I’m sure everyone agrees those were some beautiful gold coins with classic American designs.
David Tortorice
Buffalo, N.Y.

Absolutely not. This is just a ploy to rid more coin collectors of their coin purchasing money. We do not need any more non-circulating coins. Enough is enough. Instead the Mint should spend more time on improving what they are already over charging coin collectors for. We do not need more of the same old junk.
John T. Tinney
Volcano, Calif.

The only gold dollar I want to see is the Sacagawea dollar. I’ve had it with all of the political figures on everything. I’ve had it with the political figures in Congress. Please don’t force another coin on us. We don’t care about like the current president and first lady dollars!
Charles Perry
Ada, Okla.

Should the Mint make these in real gold? No. To me the Mint has already made too many coins or sets. Also, the U.S. Mint should get a little more original in their design in coins as well. I am getting sick of high price for the same old Eagles with enhancement. They need to get rid of the designers and go out and search for more creative designers. Oh stop making so many coins and stop killing us real collectors with the high cost of coins and sets.
Mark Ng
Address withheld

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