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Community Voice Responses (10/14/14)

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From the Sept. 19 Numismatic News E-Newsletter:

Do you think the price of the gold Kennedy halves will be higher a year from now?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

I do not believe the high prices for the gold Kennedy half will hold up once the price of gold starts to dip. I am a fan of the 4-piece silver set. I saw a set at ANA in Rosemont. This set works on many levels – JFK fans, half dollar collectors, silver collectors, commem collectors and those who appreciate the minting process. Four half dollars with four different finishes. Keep this set with a 1998 matte and add an SMS coin (perhaps a 1967) and you have one great display.

Ginger Rapsus
Chicago, Ill.

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If the price of gold is higher, which I believe it will be one year from today, yes the price of the Kennedy gold half dollar will be higher. It will always be a collectable but not a rare coin. Because of its high mintage figure, the exceptional quality and so many graded by the grading services as PF-70, it won’t be a rare coin.

It would be a better alternative at this time to purchase one ounce of gold bullion while the market price is down (today’s market value $1,222.70) and sell it when the price of gold goes up again.

As for the Kennedy gold half dollar, I’ll wait until all the hustle and bustle are over and the price settles before I’ll consider purchasing one.

And I might add that those who are striving to get this coin with special labels, i.e., ANA, First Day of Issue, First Coin Sold in Denver, etc., etc., have to step back and look logically at the hobby of coin collecting. It’s not all of these marketing gimmicks that count, it’s the quality of the coin. I will be satisfied with a coin that grades a perfect 70 and I don’t care if it is the first issued, the last, or where it as released, etc. Just let me buy a coin I want in the grade I can afford without all of these marketing gimmicks.

Gerald d’Aquin
Address withheld

Only two ways I foresee that happening: If an error type is discovered or if the base price of gold rises above $1,650 per ounce.

J. Wayne
Beaumont, Texas

Yes, I believe they will go up for two reasons. Gold will go up. And we needed a good reason for Kennedys to go up – Finally.

Daniel Johnson
Cedar Rapids. Iowa


Vincent Scopacas
Address withheld

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