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Community Voice Responses (07/31/12)

From the July 6th Numismatic News E-Newsletter: Should the new clad “S” mint quarters be put into the standard 2012 mint sets? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.
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From the July 6th Numismatic News E-Newsletter: Should the new clad “S” mint quarters be put into the standard 2012 mint sets? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

The “S” minted coins should be added to the mint sets. Why issue them separately? If the Mint is going to strike them, it only makes sense to me to have them in the mint sets.
Many collectors cannot afford to buy all the different options available from the Mint.
Roger D. Walker
Las Cruces, N.M.

I’ve noticed that whatever I’d like to see happen, or any opinion I have, the U.S. Mint always seems to do the opposite.
So, I’ll say yes, the new clad “S” mint quarter should be put into the standard 2012 mint set. We’ll see if I can out smart them this time.
Mercury R. Williams
Seattle, Wash.

Yes, they should be included in the mint set. I typically buy at least one uncirculated set per year, but if the 2012-S is not included, that slot may remain vacant for a long time.
The mint set is another collector outlet not available to the general public, those who do not regularly visit or subscribe to, and saves us from having to buy a roll just to get a single coin.
Otherwise, collectors would have to buy the coins aftermarket at significant premium.
As for me, if this is the case, I may wait more than a decade for the price of that one coin to settle out after the wild fluctuations from an introductory offer.
I am a collector first, investor second and speculator dead last.
David R. Anderson
Rock Port, Mo.

Yes, indeed, the “S” quarters should be included in the sets for sure.
The average person in this country is oblivious to what they do have in their pocket. Sad to say, but true.
Circulation proofs can still be found if one does look for them. I do find at least one per month.
Gary Kess
Escoloan, Calif.

Only include if the coins continue to mint regularly.
Bob Mitchell
Fairfax, Va.

Ask yourself, when the U.S. Mint set came out in 1996, what did they do with the “W” Roosevelt dime? They put it in its own blister pack.
The same could be also done with the new clad “S” mintmark of the new El Yunque National Forest National Park quarters put into the standard 2012 mint set.
Do you not agree, seeing that these new quarters are not being released through the banking system, nor in any of this year’s annual sets?
Chuck Schroeder
St. Petersburg, Fla.

A U.S. Mint set is to contain all coins minted in circulating condition. 1970 “D” and all half-dollars minted since 1982 should be included.
The mint sets have included the Native American series $1 coins not put into our hands to spend.
Congress should write a law to do this.
David L. Clink
Harbor Springs, Mich.

Yes. However, the Mint’s Field of Dreams attitude of “if we make it, they (collectors) will buy it” sours me.
How many people have bought folders and albums that are now are obsolete because they do not include a spot for an “S” quarter?
How do now we explain, suddenly, the appearance of this “S” quarter when the America the Beautiful series is now in its third year?
Foolishly, I will buy these coins and I hope the Mint will include a separate lens for this year’s series.
Furthermore, this lens should be made as a part of this year’s mint set and priced justly and also available as a separate lens for those who have bought mint sets without the “S” series to offer us collectors a sense of completion.
William Izzo
Saginaw, Mich.

Yes. Since the U.S. Mint decided to add business strike “S” mint quarters, how can it be a complete 2012 mint set without the “S” quarters?
Jesse Tarshis
Montrose, Colo.

Yes, I think they should be included at no additional cost.
The U.S. Mint makes more that enough for what these sets are worth. Also, for what it’s worth, the U.S. Mint needs to have better quality control on all the items it sells.
I usually wind up sending mostly proof sets back to them because of various problems such as scratches, spots, etc.
I always get credit back and never ask for replacement sets because they are usually like the ones I send back.
In my opinion, coins that they made years ago seem to be of better quality, not in every case, but some.
Robert Zangari
Lakewood, Colo.

Yes, they are part of this year’s coinage, aren’t they? Sometimes it’s not up to us to understand the Mint, but we can certainly disagree.
Lester Self
Lebanon, Tenn.

The Mint should add a new “S” quarter set so collectors who already bought a mint set can add the new quarters without having to purchase a new set.
It’s a bit late to change the mint set, but the Mint should add a new mint set for those who want to buy all the circulation quality coins.
Simcha Kuritzky

Yes, I feel that including the clad quarters in the proof “S” sets will make it easier for all to be able to have the set. The cost should be lower than normal.
Gary Kaiser
Address withheld

If it is circulated, the “S” should be in the circulated set.
George Kenney
Address withheld

I think they should.
Arthur Leslie
Address withheld

Yes, if the government wants us to purchase them then they should be included in the mint proof set and mint uncirculated sets.
Name withheld

Yes, it should include all mints if they are going to be placed in circulation.
Name withheld

Since the standard 2012 mint set is already available, it is too late to include the “S” quarters.
However, a five quarter set in a plastic proof type case with a box decorated with a San Francisco theme would be very neat to have.
S.K. Stanczyk
Lincoln, Neb.

The “S” quarters should absolutely be part of the so-called mint sets.
The uncirculated sets should reflect all coinage that is, or should be, circulating in a given year, regardless of where it was minted.
If these “S” coins are intended to circulate, then they should be part of the mint set package. And, since they were not included in the 2012 sets, all purchasers should receive these coins as an “addendum” to the 2012 mint set free of charge. It’s the least the Mint should do for the subscribers that it so frequently forgets.
Ross MacCallum
Dumfries, Va.