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Community Voice Responses (06/12/12)

From the May 18th Numismatic News E-Newsletter: ANA has abolished its fall coin show. Should it abolish the spring one, too? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.
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From the May 18th Numismatic News E-Newsletter: ANA has abolished its fall coin show. Should it abolish the spring one, too? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

In my opinion the ANA spring show should not be abolished but it should be moved back to March where it has always been – and usually quite successfully.
It’s a good idea to have one small-market show in rotating locations. In the same way, the summer ANA should be rotating between major markets rather than be held as a “destination show” at the home base of the ANA. There are enough destination shows in locations like Orlando, Baltimore and Long Beach.
The ANA shows should serve the important role to bring a major numismatic event to locations that do not have a destination show.
Eric Werner
Hackensack, N.J.

Denver in my mind was a waste of time and money. Only good thing about it was the ease of replacing old dealer ID’s, as well as the carrot of doing it free at Denver verses having to pay $75 to do it in Philly. I think three ANA shows is one too many. The elimination of the fall and spring shows would make the summer show even better than it is. (I like to travel, so I’d miss the sky miles if both were eliminated.)
Michael P. Schiller
Allouez, Wis.

The world has changed. I know; a brilliant observation.
However, as a numismatic exhibitor for over four decades and a proponent of public participation in these events, I think that since so much business is being conducted at auction and other venues over the Internet, that coin shows and conventions are unfortunately less important.
Consequently, many coin shows are less viable than during pre-Internet days. The spring ANA show is probably one of them. This will make the annual event even more special than it is now.
Julian Leidman
Silver Spring, Md.

The spring ANA show should not be abolished. I suspect that the low attendance at previous shows is responsible for the ANA considering not holding the it. My suspicion is that the show date as scheduled has conflicted with other coin shows and/or coin auctions in other cities.
R. McKenna
Belleville Mich.

Loved the ANA show in Denver last week. It’s nice to get something for my dues, otherwise the ANA membership isn’t worth much these days!
Larry Gibbs
Gering, Neb.

With all the other shows now available I think the ANA should cut back to only one major show per year unless two in the spring and summer could be profitably produced.
Griff Carnes
Kerrville, Texas

No! I have always wanted to attend one of their shows! I don’t understand what good could come out of abolishing either of the shows.
Alex Helzel
Greensburg, Pa.

There is a confluence of events. There are lot of shows and not enough dollars to go around. With rising prices and shrinking discretionary budgets I think it would be prudent of the ANA to put on one show a year and make it the “show of shows.”
This venue is a statement show, not the regional shows or small shows but one were all collectors will want to come. It has to be an overwhelmimg experience and I would think with proper marketing tables on the bourse will sell.
Every three years send it out to the West Coast and you will have a winner.
James M Adams
Pasadena, Md.

ANA has abolished its fall coin show. Now the big question. Should it abolish the spring one, too?. That’s up to them, it’s their time and money. That’s like saying “Coin Club’s” are turning into Drive-in Movie Theatres. What happened to “The Family” coin collecting?. There are many different kinds of hobbies and most of us prefer hobbies that are very specific to our tastes. This sometimes makes it more difficult to find a hobby your whole family can enjoy together, but not coin collecting. You want to get children off to a good start with coin collecting and starting on track one, you may want to consider helping them focus on a collecting goal. Don’t let it die off like the “Drive-in Theaters” as well as coin club’ and coin shows. Ever ask yourself, what ever happened to all those Drive-ins Theaters and Drive-in Movie Theaters that had for more than fifty years with the traditional window speakers?. Ask the ANA, that now has abolished its fall coin show.
Chuck Schroeder
St. Petersburg, Fla.