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Community Voice Responses (01/08/13)

From the December 14th Numismatic e-newsletter: Will silver American Eagles be an important focus of your collecting in 2013? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.
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From the December 14th Numismatic e-newsletter: Will silver American Eagles be an important focus of your collecting in 2013? Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers to Editor Dave Harper.

Yes I will focus on silver Eagles in 2013 as proof and uncirculated. I will not focus on the special sets.
Arthur Strader
Milford, Va.

Yes, American silver Eagles will be a big part of my focus in 2013, especially with the economy the way it is. I expect inflation and a devaluing of the dollar. I hope the ASE will be a way to protect my money.
Jerry Halford
Address withheld

I have already pre-ordered my annual roll of the 2013 American Eagle. As far as I am concerned this is the most beautiful coin ever minted.
Don Schweska
Rock Island, Ill.

Nope. As I see it, 2013 will be a lackluster year for making coin purchases and silver American Eagles burnout is at the top of the list of my reasons why.
My overall plan next year is to be a lot more cautious across the board about making coin purchases in general. Especially now that I have become a little more familiar with both the ebb and flow of the modern coin market, as well as the antics of the U.S. Mint.
To be honest, I think as a whole, my important focus for 2013 will be on collecting modern world coins instead.
Mercury R. Williams
Seattle, Wash.

I sure will be adding the 2013 silver Eagles to my portfolio. I’ve collected them ever since they came out in 1986. The Walking Liberty design is such a beautiful design. It is my most favorite next to the Saint-Gaudens $20 gold piece.
Terril Rogers
Joseph City Ariz.

I collect the uncirculated bullion Eagle coins. The other sets are too tough for me to try to get any more. I have my complete set of the bullion coins and can enjoy them with no holes in my collection from 1986.
I just enjoy that beautiful woman on the obverse. What a coin. I purchase extra ones as gifts.
George Starkey
Folsom, Calif.

If silver were to take off and reach prices that it should be reaching then ASEs will be a smart move, as well as any silver coin.
However, the question will be for those coins graded in MS-70. Should their melt outweigh their numismatic value, then they will soon go the way of the smelter as are other coins. How can they keep pace as a numismatic coin?
Alan Hepler
Laytonsville, Md.

I hope to be able to keep on collecting the silver Eagle. I was lucky to be one of the few to get the 25th anniversary coin set from the Mint. I missed out on the two-coin set this year but did get the dollar coin set that had an Eagle in it. I will be on the lookout for the 2013 coin or set.
Ray Cox
Florida City, Fla.

I am anticipating the arrival of the 2013 silver Eagle. I am planning on buying one or more. I really want to know are they going to come out with a reverse proof?
Michael A. Scott
Milledgeville, Ga.

No. I can’t say that the silver American Eagles will be a focus for me in 2013. I’ll probably just get one example to continue my date set collection and leave it at that. I have just one more early silver commemorative half dollar to acquire to finish that collection. So I’ll probably focus more on getting a good example of it. Other than that, I’ll work on odds and ends as it concerns my coin, currency and stamp collecting needs for 2013 and update certain pieces I already have.
New Columbia, Ky.

I collect silver Eagles Maple Leaves and Libertads. I will fork over a lot of dough to keep these sets up to date. I hope for fewer issues next year. 2011 and 2012 were expensive years with all the different S.E. options. If Canada and Mexico were to make Matte, proof and reverse proof I would be a buyer. The US has many mints,P,D,S and W. So, if each mint made these options, that would be 12 US issues and 9 Mexico and Canada. Also each mint could make a BU coin. That’s a minimum of 15 coins. But if the Mayans are right, why worry?
Donald Cantrell
Address withheld

No matter what time of year or the condition of the economy, silver eagles are allways on my radar, either plain bullion versions or the ever popular anniversary issues, thats my way of acquiring silver small as they may be but silver none the less, so yes you can add my name to the list of silver eagle buyers for the calender year of 2013 and beyond.
Michael P. Schmeyer
Halsey Valley, N.Y.

John T. Tinney
Volcano, Calif.

Yes, 2013 eagles will be very popular with me since our first grandchild is due in April. I also have a large stash of dollar coins I plan on giving to him over the years. I can’t wait to be a G-Pa (aka grandfather)
Name withheld

This venue may be a bit tougher for me to include in me list of items to turn to since I now reside “across the pond”. When I resume my coin shopping in mid 2013 I may come across a few in a nearby dealer’s shop. Over in Europe there is more of a variety of material to choose from. An investment counselor once told me “coin of the realm” is a cornerstone in investing or collecting. So far it has worked for me, and now it is time to expand on this.
Gary Kess
Berkel en Rodenrijs, The Netherlands

Yes. I will be waiting for any and all Silver and Gold Eagles. I have so far managed to have to have several complete sets and I do intend to keep them current.
Name withheld

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