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Community Voice Response: May 22, 2020

From the May 22, 2020, Numismatic News E-NewsLetter

With the cancellation of coin shows, has your online buying and selling activity increased? Why or why not?

Here are some answers sent in from our E-Newsletter readers.

Yes, my online buying has increased substantially, especially since March of this year. I typically buy American Silver Eagles each month, but they have become very scarce and at such a high premium, that I have moved onto other sources (online). As I watch the spot price of gold continue to increase, I have been adding to my gold collection. A question back to you: Is it time to invest more heavily in silver than gold, as the percentage increase in silver appears to be increasing faster than gold?

Dan Chihos
Fargo, N.D.

The last show I attended was the ANA show at the end of February. I do not know if there will be any more shows in Georgia this year but I constantly surf websites like M-A Shops,, VCoins, and eBay. Also, I constantly check my trusted dealer sites for updates. Shows or not, the search is never-ending and the thrill of the find never ends (for the right price, of course).

Steve Strauss

Having lots of time, I simply began writing conventionally mailed letters to selected dealers known to me, using the United States Postal System, and solicited inquiries, requesting replies via email or telephone calls.

In the process, this has included two Classic hardly seen United States Commemorative half dollars, two rare So-Called dollars, World War II War Bonds and ephemera, stock certificates, and fiscal documents.

Taking the time to "word process" (an old-fashion way) has caused me not to rush off an email, compose what is really sought, and think about 'do I really want that or this?'

For me, the pandemic has not restricted my adding to my accumulations. I have real joy when a parcel is delivered: something to open and hold in my hands having waited some days or a few weeks.

It is not the same sitting with a dealer at a show and looking through the glass of his or her cases, true; but, in the process of being 'old-fashion,' those responding now have an idea of my interests and future potential wants.

Michael S. Turrini
Vallejo, Calif.

We were able to get ahead of the shutdowns of coin shows by utilizing our time to sell on-line, along with posting a 2-page ad in Numismatic News, which has yielded us a great return. Much appreciation to the staff, readers, and customers.

Richard Schornak
Integrity Coin Store

Yes, my coin buying online has increased but, not by much.

Conner Hopfer
Salem, Ore.

With the volatility in bullion, what else can you do? Ads in the coin magazines warn about price changes and ask you to call first. With online purchases, you know immediately if the coin is available and the price. Right now it's the only game in town.

Jim Riley
Dubois In.

My purchasing of coins for my various numismatic collections has increased, even without the coin shows, which I've attended only sporadically. I have more time and interest now to focus and fill out my collections. I've essentially completed my typeset collection of coins minted by and used in the U.S., except for the gold issues.

I'm concentrating on representative coins of the world, of the confederate states, and of colonial America. It is fun and historically interesting.

Steve Fry
Culver City, Calif.

I am not buying right now. We are being price gouged on silver.

Terry Hurley
Address Withheld

With my local shows being canceled since April, I have bought a few pieces online to add to my collection: some proof Roosevelt dimes, a 1998 silver Proof Set, and the 1993 Thomas Jefferson commemorative set with the 1994-P nickel. These are the best pieces I have been able to locate to keep my collecting alive as I eagerly await the return of coin shows!

Ryan Kordziel
Schenectady, N.Y.