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Community Voice Response: Feb. 28, 2020

From the Feb. 28, 2020, Numismatic News E-NewsLetter

We are less than a year away from the end of the Mint’s America the Beautiful quarters program. Are you still collecting them?

Here are some answers sent in from our E-Newsletter readers.

I started collecting and I'll finish. If the mint starts one more mini-picture 10-year program they'll be on their own. If the mint wants to make special coins for umpteen years just for collectors and speculators they better put them on larger coins because us collectors are getting older and we can't see those quarters from 1999 like we use to.

Gary R Gagne.
Palmetto, Fla.

After the first state quarter program that I collected from pocket change, I did not need another 50 designs. The old reverse should have been restored. So no, I haven't been collecting the ATB quarters.

That being said, I will end up with a complete set of those quarters anyway because they are included in mint sets that I buy. As a bonus, I ended up with a President dollar set too.

Just another note, these programs are issued over too long a period of time. For that reason, I will pass on the dollar innovations series.

Richard A. Bumpus
Marion, Mass.

No, I'm not collecting them anymore. The last batch I bought was in 2002.

I stay with mint error coins. The most unusual are my '76 25 cent major mint errors. They will be auctioned off soon along with my '64 dime.

Jim. H.
Address Withheld

Yes, I collect them.

Mohammad Abdullah Sabbir
Dhaka, Bangladesh

I have many uncirculated ones but have quit collecting them.

Name and Address Withheld

The U.S. Mint needs to put out some other programs besides the America the Beautiful quarters program. We have been slammed for 20 years with quarters every year. It is time to do some silver dollar size commemoratives honoring the Three Stooges, Laurel & Hardy, Charlie Chaplin, etc. Also, there should be centennial celebrations with the end of the Morgan silver dollar and the start of the Peace silver dollar in 2021.

Bill Zearfoss
Yuba City

I got tired of roll collecting and sold everything after the Lowell release. I had trouble unloading them at face value. I took a bath and learned my lesson on that one. I’m still collecting the 5-ounce collector's version. I have two of each from Hot Springs to American Samoa. These are just stashed in the back of the safe where hopefully they will be worth something before I’m dead.

Bill Rodgers
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

I have collected from the beginning and will do so until the Alabama Tuskegee airmen coin is issued in early 2021.

Tom Fauth
Elizabeth, Colo.

No, I am not collecting them.

Don Bearly
Raytown, Mo.

Yes, I still collect America the Beautiful quarters from the U.S. Mint and other private sources.

Terry Conway
Louisville Ky.

I only collect them because they come in proof and mint sets. It is pretty much a face value coin with so many made. They just don’t hold any interest for me.

Thomas Daugherty
Address Withheld

My grandson was started on the State Quarters when he was three. By the time he was in kindergarten, he knew the states and their capitals. He started on the National Parks and can't get enough of them. When I reminded him how many maps and albums he already has, he said: "but I really like them." I can't begrudge him as they have been such a great learning tool and have given us so much quality time together. We'll be collecting them for as long as he is interested.


J. Thompson
Address Withheld

Yes, I am still collecting them plus the 5-ounce silvers.

John R Blair
Palm Beach, Fla.

Emphatic, YES! If you aren't then you would be, in my opinion, a fair-weather collector! Don't these folks who say "no" want their albums and folders to be filled and the satisfaction of completion?

Adam L Spikes
Kingwood, Texas

I'm still collecting the series, although, I personally have found the 2019 submissions very hard to find in change. I refuse to buy unless I need them to finish the series.

Al Borzych
Elgin, Ill.

Yes, I'm still collecting America the beautiful quarters because they are truly beautiful. They highlight the places in America that everyone should visit. I love the collection and I have many of them on my bucket list.

I'm gonna be sorry to see the collection come to an end. I know we have many other parks that have had been represented by the parks that were on the quarters that may have special interests to people all over this country.

Harry Schwartz
Address Withheld

Yes, but it’s run its course and it is time to move on.

Gary Double
Via Facebook

This coin is probably one of the more nicer-looking ones. Most of them are not that appealing to the eye.

Lester Yan
Via Facebook

Of course! I have to get a complete set (still looking for the bay quarters though).

Ryan Kordziel
Via Facebook