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Community Voice Response: Aug. 4, 2020

From the July 10, Numismatic News E-NewsLetter

How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way you collect coins?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers.

I have changed nothing due to COVID.

Brian Schneider
via Facebook

Now that all of the coin shows and conventions are canceled, I am saving a lot of money. Online auctions are too expensive to participate in. I am picking up a few coins from reputable coin dealers that have online catalogs on their websites, but I don’t like buying coins from photos. I prefer personally inspecting the coins in my hands. I am definitely spending less this year regarding my coin collections.

Garry K.
Houston, Texas

I haven’t been able to attend a show.

Andy Kadisak
via Facebook

Nope, the only thing that’s changed is coins take longer to arrive in the mail.

Matthew Baca
via Facebook

I haven’t been to a coin show since December. The ANA in Pittsburgh has been canceled, and that really upsets me. I wanted to take advantage of the educational opportunities. I cannot afford to travel across the country to do this. The last time the ANA was in Pittsburgh, there were no courses offered.

Jimmy McPleasant
via Facebook

Well, of course, with the closure and cancellation of regular meetings and all shows, absolutely; but this terrible pandemic has not curtailed my passion for “the world of money” hobby. That would be a better-asked question to poll.

During this ongoing and seemly never-ending pandemic, a few new state numismatic organizations have been joined, my collections have been reviewed and revised. There have been a few gatherings with distance and masks and meetings via smartphone are being enjoyed. Plus, I have investigated and obtained, via the internet, new references to increase my numismatic library.

For example, our regular and enthused telephone calls have not stopped or changed for Paul R. Johnson, of Canada, and myself.

The best change, until the sudden coin shortage, was coin roll searching. The next best change has been responding to these Numismatic News Friday poll questions!

Michael S. Turrini
Vallejo, Calif.

I am a member of the local club, Central Connecticut Coin Club, and our meetings are held monthly at the South Windsor Public Library. Presently, the library is closed to the general public, and their meeting room is off-limits for general use (like our club of 30 to 40 members!). That hurts since many of us contribute to our auction and look forward to bidding on various lots, too! It’s a good time had by all! Besides, I like to see and hold an item I am considering bidding on ... which I cannot do with other venues.

Last name and address withheld

The only way COVID-19 changed the way I collect is that I do not go to the coin shop right now.

Name and address withheld

Yes, my collecting has come to a stop. I like to buy at coin shows. I like to get up close and personal with a coin before buying it. I would attend a local show four to six times a year. First, they canceled the shows but now they have resumed, but I am old and have two chronic ailments and I’m afraid to go.

Gary Hudeck
Address Withheld

We have had to dispense with our monthly meeting since March since many of our members are senior citizens.

Bob Thomas
Pensacola Numismatic Society