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Community Voice Response: Aug. 25, 2020

From the July 31 Numismatic News e-Newsletter.

What’s your level of trust in gold’s record-high performance?

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers.

I’m confident gold will hit $2,500.

Dave Kinney
Shenandoah, Iowa

Level of trust with gold, it’s just on a high, it will even out. It’s history repeating itself.

The question is what about silver? Who is buying up all the silver and gold to make this increase?

Kind of wish I had some junk silver to turn in. All mine are graded.

Tim Kenyon
Mechanicsburg, Pa.

Do you really believe that’s really occupying a numismatic collector’s mind? If yes, you certainly don’t know many coin collectors. We collect accordingly to our set goals in our hobby and our means.

Most collectors do not collect for profit.

So no, I don’t care about the prices of gold, silver and what have you, but I do care about mintmarks and variants, but the daily exchange rate to precious metal is of no interest.

Ole Sjoelund
Address withheld

It’s nice to hold in your hand, but it’s a snail trade. I prefer silver.

Jeff Urban
Address withheld

When you look at the USA and other countries and all the global debt, unlimited printing of money, it is no wonder that individuals are worried about paper money. The Fed is perfectly content on keeping the money printing presses running 24/7. It is becoming more and more apparent that gold and then silver is the only safe commodity in this environment. When I look at many of the large sellers of gold, in particular pre-1933 gold, I can’t recall ever seeing so many of the coins shown as “sold out.” This tells me that there is no faith in paper money anymore.

James Janiga
Charlotte, N.C.

Gold and silver are real money and have been forever, the paper money is about worthless and I would say in a few short years will be no more. I’m not sure what’s all going to take place but I would say the price of gold and silver will hold strong.

Ed Woolsey
Address withheld

That which soars like an eagle will fall like a rock.

Here at our store, we hear all the stories, the theories along with the predictions. I advise each buyer to ensure to sell at a profit when buying today.

We sell what you want, but not what you will need.

Richard Schornak
Integrity Coin Store

During the high of 2011 and 2012, gold and silver rose to its all-time high. Those who sold in the upmarket were winners, those who purchased were losers. If those who held until now will profit or break-even if they were to sell.

This I learned: I cannot predict the future. Will it stay in an upward motion? No one knows for sure. At best, they guess. I have learned if you’re selling it’s going to continue to rise. If you’re the seller, the buyer will say it could fall at any time. Be careful.

Carl Hornberger
Hampton, Va.

As long as our government is piling onto the national debt and handing out free paper money, gold will rule. Didn’t someone say that every citizen should receive a $1,000 per month subsidy for doing nothing in return? That certainly would devalue the once-mighty dollar a little more. I think precious metals will do just fine. Sorry about the rant.

Horst Seeley
Manchester, N.H.