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Remembering Coin Hobbyist Bo Atkinson

By Michael S. Turrini

It is often sad, as our hobby progresses in age, that another coin hobbyist, “Bo” Atkinson, at age 90, has passed on. It was at his retirement home where he and his wife, Iris, had relocated two decades ago.

Bo and Iris are not commonly known among Numismatic News readers. They would not be. Their service was two decades ago, before their much-earned retirement location. Yet, before they relocated, they served (unselfishly) the Fremont, Calif., Coin Club.

How did they serve? Each held almost all positions in the club, including president and other offices and positions. They rarely did not attend and contribute to the club’s semi-monthly meetings, dinners, socials, and a two-day show. They helped with the latter from set-up to take-down, always willing to assist, staff the Registration Table, walk the bourse floor, greet show visitors, encourage drawing (raffle) sales and then late Sunday afternoon work to take it down. They always did it with a smile, a warm welcome and enthusiasm.

Their service was the Fremont Coin Club. They typify hundreds – maybe thousands over the decades – who make numerous local coin clubs function and progress, far from the exulted national temples of our world of money hobby.

To be honest, I never learned what Bo and Iris collected. In fact, I believe collecting was secondary or even unimportant compared to their personal enjoyment and devoted commitment to the club. They, simply but sincerely, wanted to serve, assist and to be with fellow hobbyists whom they called friends.

As was stated, Bo and his always-pleasant wife, Iris, represent many (I mean many) others around and across our nation and in Canada, who are there not for the coins, currency or like collectibles – but the people. And, lest we forget, people are our world of money hobby’s greatest asset.

Thanks, Bo. Thanks to all who have and now continue as you so surely did, at the grassroots of our hobby.

“A great soul serves everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. It brings us together again and again.” - Maya Angelou.

R.I.P., Bo.

This “Viewpoint” was written by California hobbyist and advocate Michael S. Turrini.

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