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Coin Finds: The Coins That Started My Collection

Wheat penny, Kennedy half dollar, Mercury dime, silver Frankins and more got readers' collections rolling.

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I have been having fun and SO MUCH GOOD FORTUNE! As a kid I knew about silver certificate and the 1943 wheat penny and that was about it. In 2019, a 30+ year friend had a devastating car wreck that took his wife, then fire took his house, so I was the only family he could turn to. He was always asking if he could go through my change. One night, just outside of building I live in, I found a sandwich bag with 36 pennies from 1820 to 1889! I said thank you Universe. Turned, went back to my apartment, looked at my friend and said some pennies from heaven missed you and asked me to bring you the best thing for you when you were needing a little more than just the beginning of a new Decade for you. He was in shock that I was going to just give him the world. Star notes and almost all of the National parks, presidential, war in pacific, lots of bicentennial drummer boy quarters and, 2 1977 d quarters. So many valuables in money and it started by a video crossing my news feed.... only 1 known 1977 d quarter… hmmm I have not looked at my own change except for the 1944 wheat penny since I was 12… that was Jan 4th 2021… that’s when I was in the deep end of the first celestial river of my receiving more than I have yet have appraised. The world of coins has been consistent with a supreme surprise every day! Yesterday was a Sacagawea. Today a $20*, 1$*, $5 with 777 and 4444 on same bill and a $10 with 888. Happy treasure hunting to y’all.

Serena Gamble
Spokane, Wash.

I have been searching rolls for a short period, ever since I read an article about people who go to banks in search of rare coins by buying rolls of coins at the bank. I decided to try it, since COVID kept me confined and I wanted something different from my typical stamps and sports collecting hobbies. I purchased around $120 - $140 dollars of Kennedy half dollars. I think it was like 12 or 14 rolls all together.

The first roll I started to open was a 1964 Kennedy. The following coins in that roll were ALL between 1964-1969 years. I was so excited. I couldn't believe I got a roll filled with silver half dollars from a bank on my first attempt in search of exactly that- silver coins!

The next roll, maybe if I am lucky, I might get another. However, I didn't just get another, I got a complete roll of 1964 Kennedy half dollars, nearly all uncirculated!

To make this story short, I ended up opening a total of 9 rolls at $10 each, ALL CONTAINING UNCIRCULATED 1964-1969 KENNEDY HALF DOLLARS!!! The remaining rolls were just the regular copper and nickel or whatever other metal they decided to make cheaply. I never imagined such a find. People spend hundreds or even thousands in search of lucky finds. I wish I worked at a bank! I'd be rich!!

Thomas Eames
Address withheld

I work at a gas station and someone paid with half dollars. To my surprise one was a double stamped 1974 D.

Christopher Townsend
Butte, Alaska

Every weekend I go through the change from my father’s hunting and fishing club to see if there is anything I can switch out for my collection. Earlier this month I was searching and I found a 2020-D Jefferson nickel and a 2020-P Roosevelt dime, but the highlight of the change was a 2020-W American Samoa quarter with the “V75” privy mark, which marks my fourth West Point quarter!

Never stop looking, sometimes these coins show up when you least expect them!

Ryan Kordziel
Schenectady, N.Y.

I received a 1947 nickel with my change at my local Stater Bros. Market not long ago. This brought back memories of when my mom sent me to the store when I was ten years old. Many times, I would bring home older coins in the change I got, such as a Mercury dime or Standing Liberty quarter. That is when I developed my interest in numismatics.

Recently my son found a 1951 nickel in the parking lot of a nearby Denny’s when we went out to celebrate my husband’s birthday.

Both coins are in fine condition. As they are not worth more than 5 or 10 cents, I will put them in my “Found Coins Bank.”

Since the coin club I belong to cannot meet due to the COVID outbreak, I keep up my interest in numismatics by reading the Coins Magazine. With the wide variety of articles, there is always something of interest every month!

Helen Desens
Covina, Calif.

Just wanted to share my story of a recent trip to a bank.
I got four rolls of halves and two of them were AU silver Franklins from the ‘50s, VG-F.
The other roll had half 40 percent and the rest clads. Not bad!

Jerry Janiga
Redford, Mich.