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Coin Finds: Rolls yield 40 percent-silver Kennedys

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For years I have occasionally gone to the bank and gotten rolls of half dollars or “golden” dollars to give to grandchildren or pay for small purchases and watch the cashiers’ reactions when they’ve never seen these coins before.

Recently, I went to the bank and acquired a roll of half dollars. When I got in my car and opened the roll, much to my delight there was a 1967 40-percent silver half.

I dumped the rest out and amazingly all 20 were 40-percent silver halves. I went back in the bank to purchase another roll, hoping but doubting I could repeat. I purchased two and got in my car and it happened again. There were 40 late 1960s halves.

Needless to say I went back in and got all they had, which was two more rolls. One roll was 1980s and 1990s halves and one had 18 out of 20 40-percent silver halves.

Absolutely amazing.

Some collector must have died and a family member took the halves to that bank for bills.

Larry Hoyle
Prattville, Ala.

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