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Coin Finds: Roll finds

We recently asked you, our readers, to share your best numismatic finds with us. Based on the long-running "Coin Finds" column in Coins magazine, which will continue to appear in print, this online version will give additional exposure to the thrill of the hunt.


Send your "Coin Finds" to and we'll get them in.

Please include your name, city and state. Names and addresses will be withheld from publication upon request. The editor reserves the right to to edit for content, style and length.

I have been in the coin hobby for many years, and always searched my change. Recently I have started to search cent, nickel, and quarter rolls from my local banks and thought I would share my results.

The quarters have filled some holes in the series in About Uncirculated condition. The cents have provided some 1998 and 2000 “far AMs.”

The most interesting has been the Jefferson nickels. I have found a uncirculated roll of 2000-P and a 1966 rotated reverse. Imagine, circulating for 51 years and not found.

I consider the best find came from a roll of 2016 uncirculated Jeffersons. It had a large deep void from the hairline to the rim at the “S” and the “T” in “TRUST.” This appears to be from some struck through object. In addition, the reverse is rotated slightly more than 90 degrees. This coin may be unique.

Other finds in the past have been 1917/18-D and 1916/16 Buffalo nickels, both through acid treatment.

Never stop looking. You don’t know what may await you.

Vonley Brown
North Carolina

I got into coin collecting in 2011. I buys rolls of coins from one of my bank branches. This is mainly how I get my new coins. Over the past years I have gotten three Mercury dimes; many silver Roosevelt dimes; my whole two folders of Jefferson nickels; and my best find in a roll of cents, a 1909-S V.D.B. I must admit the other two of my 1909-S V.D.B.s I purchased, one of those wasn’t as good as my roll find.

In purchasing rolls of Kennedy halves, one roll was all 1966 to 1970 40 percent silver. Although I used four of those coins in my collection, I’ve kept the rest.

Most of my coin collection is from circulated coin rolls. I am still proud of my collection, and I still make my monthly purchases at my bank.

C. Simonds
Address withheld

I have been a collector all my life, starting when I was seven years old with my dad. Took a break from the age 17-35 to create a career, get married, have children. I have been collecting again ever since.

My coin find: I went to a local coin show recently and purchased a Lincoln Memorial cent collection from 1959-1984. All the coins are in AU. I paid $4 for the whole set.

When I got the coin folder home, I notice the 1970-S was a “small date” version. This 1970-S small date in AU by far made it worth picking up the folder.

Mike G.
Long Island, N.Y.

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