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'Coin Finds' remains popular

We recently asked you, our readers, to share your best numismatic finds with us. Based on the long-running "Coin Finds" column in Coins magazine, which will continue to appear in print, this online version will give additional exposure to the thrill of the hunt.


Send your "Coin Finds" to and we'll get them in.

Please include your name, city and state. Names and addresses will be withheld from publication upon request. The editor reserves the right to to edit for content, style and length.

My biggest find was searching through a roll of cents, hoping to find a wheat cent or two, and someone had cashed in a 1982 1/10-ounce gold Krugerrand.

Mike White

My favorite U.S. find was in a foreign coin box at a local dealer for 25 cents a coin. I found a nice U.S. two-cent coin that is in my display of obsolete U.S. coins.

David Elliott

I saw your request to share coin finds a while ago and decided to give you my totals for 2016. I get boxes of coins from the bank each week and go through them.

These totals include my finds from those boxes, along with Coinstar finds, and finds from other accumulations that I’ve searched.

I offer to family and friends that I will roll all of their loose change and not charge them the 10 percent that Coinstar charges. I go through it, roll it, take it to the bank and return to them paper money. That has gone well, and I’ve found a number of good coins this way.

So, here are my totals for the 2016:

• Four 40 percent silver halves;
• Four silver quarters (1941, 1942-D, 1950-D, 1953);
• Two Mercury dimes (1924, 1944-D);
• 21 silver Roosevelt dimes;
• One Liberty Head nickel (1907);
• 12 Buffalo nickels;
• 37 silver war nickels;
• Six Indian Head cents (1892, 1896, 1900, 1901, two 1905s);
• 1,435 wheat cents;
• One silver Canadian quarter (1966);
• Four silver Canadian dimes (1947ML, 1959, 1967, 1968);
• Four Canadian George V cents (1920, 1926, 1932, 1933);
• 75 Canadian George VI cents.

In proofs there were the following:

• Washington dollar, 2007-S;
• Kennedy halves: 1979-S, 1995-S;
• Washington quarters: 1977-S, 1979-S, 1999-S(CT), 2000-S(NH), 2001-S(KY), 2004-S(MI), 2014-S(Arches);
• Roosevelt dimes: 1969-S, 1971-S, 1976-S, 1999-S, 2009-S, 2011-S;
• Jefferson nickels: 1960, 1968-S, 1973-S, 1984-S, 1997-S, 1999-S, two 2000-Ss, 2010-S;
• Lincoln cents: 1982-S.

Among foreign coins were:

• Australia five cents: 1996;
• Bahamas one cent: 1985, 1992, 1998, 2001, 2004;
• Bahamas five cents: 1998, 2000, 2004;
• Barbados 10 cents: 1973;
• Belgium one franc: 1969;
• Bermuda one cent: 1997;
• Bermuda five cents: 1980, 1997;
• Bermuda 25 cents: 2005;
• Bosnia 10 feninga: 2013;
• Costa Rica five colones: 2008;
• Denmark 25 ore: 1999;
• East Caribbean States one cent: 2004;
• Euro: two 2002s;
• Euro 20 cents: 1999;
• Euro 10 cents: 2002, 2008;
• Euro two cents: 2010;
• Euro one cent: 2002, 2012;
• Great Britain five pence: 1990, 1998;
• Great Britain 10 pence: 1992;
• Mexico one peso: 2006;
• Panama 1/10 balboa: 1996, 2008;
• Panama 1/4 balboa: three 2001s, two 2008s;
• Switzerland 20 heller: 2008;
• Trinidad & Tobago one cent: 2009.

Name and address withheld

I received three 2017 cents in change, at the local McDonald’s.

To my surprise, the cents had a “P” mintmark. Never saw that coming.

LeRoy Claiborne
Woodbridge, Virg.

I got into coin collecting in 2011. I buys rolls of coins from one of my bank branches. This is mainly how I get my new coins.

Over the past years I have gotten three Mercury dimes and many silver Roosevelt dimes, my whole two folders of Jefferson nickels, and my best find in a roll of cents, a 1909-S V.D.B Lincoln.

I must admit the other two of my 1909-S V.D.B.s I purchased, one of those wasn’t a good as my roll find.

In purchasing rolls of Kennedy halves, one roll was all 1966 to 1970 40 percent silver, although I used four of those coins in my collection, I’ve kept the rest.

Most of my coin collection is from circulated coin rolls. I am still proud of my collection, and I still make my monthly purchases at my bank.

C. Simonds

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