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Coin Finds: Mint State 1941 nickel pulled from change

We recently asked you, our readers, to share your best numismatic finds with us. Based on the long-running "Coin Finds" column in Coins magazine, which will continue to appear in print, this online version will give additional exposure to the thrill of the hunt.


Send your "Coin Finds" to and we'll get them in.

Please include your name, city and state. Names and addresses will be withheld from publication upon request. The editor reserves the right to to edit for content, style and length.

A year ago I bought the 75-cent newspaper at the local market. I gave the cashier one dollar and got back two dimes and a nickel. (Not what I was expecting.)

Looking at the dimes, I noticed that they were from the 1990s. The nickel, however, was a 1941 in Mint State-63, worth almost $5.

Don’t forget to check your change, and happy coin hunting.

Jaydon Hahn
Age 11
Hanston, Kan.

I have found a couple of silver quarters and dimes. The dimes included a 1917 and a 1964.

The 1964 I found in the bottom of the washing machine, at home. It showed little wear, but obviously had been cleaned.

I also found two Buffalo nickels. One was a common one, and the other one’s date ended with a three and had a D mintmark.

Arthur Ludwig
Address withheld

A friend recently sought me out to show me two coins he had found. The first coin, which he thought was valuable, was a common 1902 Morgan dollar. The second coin was a Krugerrand.

I wound up telling him that the coin he thought was valuable was worth less than $20, but the funny-looking coin from a foreign country was worth its weight in gold.

Michael A. Wertz
York, Pa.

I would like to share some of my recent finds. I found two coins recently at a local market that has a Coin Star machine.

In the reject tray I found a 1952 Roosevelt dime in Fine+.

On top of the machine console I found another coin that I think is South Korean.

In another store recently I got a 1946 nickel in Good-8. Yesterday, at Burger King, I got a 1937 wheat cent in change that I would grade G-8+.

It just proves that they are still out there. Good luck collectors.

T.A. Carley Sr.
Liverpool, N.Y.

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