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Coin Finds: Latest Community Coin Finds

Great American Coin Hunt - Find treasures in your pocket change.

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My two pocket pieces are a 1965 Churchill Crown—and a brand-new glow-in-the-dark Barbados Dollar!

David Wyndoze
From Facebook

Several years ago, prior to a vacation with my wife, I went to my local bank for some cash to take with us. I asked for a few $100.00 bills that we use in emergencies. I was happily surprised when I received a 1928 note “Redeemable in Gold” in extra fine condition. I quickly put that aside and did not use it.


Recently, I purchased a large quantity of nickels, dimes, and quarters from a friend. She had been dropping the coins into a large piggy bank for over thirty years. I bought the coins sight unseen, and since then I have been looking at each coin in hopes of finding something rare or unusual.

Many of the coins, despite their age, have a brilliant and smooth finish-as if they were dropped into the pig on the first day of their release into circulation. I am thrilled to have so many clean copies of these coins and have set many of them aside for future enjoyment.

Lee Moore
Orlando Fla.

I live in Mexico and have a jeweler friend that sells coins on the side. He had an old 1834 Quarto from the presidency of Santa Ana that I picked up relatively cheap a few months ago.

From Twitter

Do Fake/Counterfeit Trade/ Peace, Morgan dollars count? Well let’s go with Las Vegas vintage dollar size tokens, all found CRH!

From Twitter

Found a 1988 penny with what appears to have errors, possibly from printing.

James McCullough
Address withheld

1920 wheat penny

Ted Glear
Address withheld