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Coin Finds: Just Keep Searching

Great American Coin Hunt - Find treasures in your pocket change.

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When I received the most recent issue of Coins and read the coin finds article, I decided to look through my cup of coins where I place my change just to see what was there. Imagine my surprise to find a 1980 proof dime in near perfect condition!

Richard Kingsbury

I also do the coin roll hunt for old coins. I started a couple of months ago to collect a few for my granddaughters, and to my surprise, and I thought I’d found a million-dollar coin. I found in a roll of nickels, a 1960 two headed Jefferson nickel! I took that nickel to my local coin dealer at a San Jose coin shop and was told that it was a novelty nickel found in some novelty or magic stores. The coin dealer’s advice was “keep searching.”

Name and address withheld


Look at the coin they used as a size reference!

Name and address withheld

I have a 1943 silver penny and a Queen Elizabeth coin.

Name and address withheld

Found a 2021-P dime off center strike on both sides with some doubling as well in my pocket change.

Christian Cook
Ionia, Mich.