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Coin Finds: Morgan and Hobo Silver Dollars

My friend gave me a box with some silver dollars in it: Morgan and Hobo silver dollars. There is an 1881-CC, 1885-CC, and an 1886-O. This is the first time I have ever heard of these coins.

Dale Bowman
Hebron, Neb.

My wife went out to lunch one day for work and when she got home she handed me a small amount of change. I noticed right away the luster on the coins and how clean they were for being around 60 years old. There were two 1964 cents, one 1964-D cent and one 1965 cent. They were all in mint state.

There are coins out there that are hard to find. You just have to keep trying because it is worth it in the end. It is a great moment no matter the value of the coins.

Gary S.
Upstate N.Y.

I have been a collector of old coins for a while and I have a bag full of them. I would like to get them appraised so I know the value of them but I have no idea where to go or who to trust. I live somewhere between Rockford and Chicago, Ill.

The coin I am really interested in that I have is a Roosevelt dime that has a rolled edge that is higher than the face and the back of the coin. I don’t know if the coin got stamped too many times or if the edge got rolled too long.

Paul Christmann
Address Withheld

I am evaluating a coin collection for a friend of mine. It is mostly common date wheat cents and silver, but there are some interesting items I thought I would share:

A blank planchet with rim, appears to be a copper over zinc cent, weight is just over 2.5g; a 1976-S Bicentennial silver-clad quarter (not in a holder, just mixed in loose with other silver quarters) I estimate its condition as F-15; 1959 Washington quarter in MS-64; a 1987 American silver eagle (also not in a holder, it was mixed in with a Morgan, Peace, and several Eisenhower dollars); and a 1945-S Wheat cent with a barely visible S mintmark.

There were also 31 Presidential dollars in AU to MS condition; 23 Sacajawea dollars also AU to MS: 31 Eisenhower dollars, including a Type I Bicentennial edition; one 1964 Kennedy half; and 17 Kennedy 40 percent silver issues with dates from 1966-1969. There is also a 1975-D and 1976(P) cent with a small incuse portrait of JFK punched into the field next to Lincoln’s nose and forehead. I also have two of these in my collection but I do not remember where I got them. One is a 1970-D and the other is a 1975 (P). Does anyone know who issued these and for what reason?

There is also a 1933 St. Gauden’s double eagle copy. (I recall seeing these for sale on TV some years ago); and two and one-half pounds of foreign coins.

She is looking to sell the entire collection, which also includes over 800 wheat cents. Maybe I can make a deal with her.

Daryl Conley
Truth or Consequences, N.M.

I like going to the bank for dollars and halves, although the halves have been hard to come by lately.

Recently, I got six SBA dollars and bought two rolls of halves. Of course, I immediately went to the car to look through the halves!

The first roll had one 40 percent silver 1967 half.The second roll had two more –another 1967 and a 1966. Stuck toward the bottom of the roll was a 1948 British half crown. Underneath the half crown was a 1942 Walking Liberty half! 

There was nothing extremely valuable, but fun to find.

Mike Boury
Lakeland, Fla.

Two weeks ago, when checking the coin machine at my favorite food store, I found two 1964 silver dimes in the reject bin. Previously, this machine only gave me Canadian coins and recent American coins. Many people don’t even pick up their change after using the machine; it’s just too much trouble.

So keep looking. It’s worth it.

Mary (Last name Withheld)

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